Transfer of Tribunal Powers to Scotland being delayed

Ludo Thierry

Classic Ukanian delaying strategies being applied to the Smith Commission agreement on the transfer of further Tribunal powers from Ukanian ministries to Scotland. Scottish Legal site carrying bare-bones story. Doubtless Gordon Brown will be along, any minute now, to ‘personally ensure’ that these Smith Process agreements are finally delivered? Link and snippets below:

The Scottish government was meant to take over the operation of a number of tribunals but a report now makes clear this will now not take place “before 2022”.

Holyrood officials said it was “disappointing” that their counterparts in Westminster had not published plans for transferring the powers five years after they were agreed.

The Smith agreement provides that “all powers over the management and operation” of reserved tribunals should be devolved to Holyrood.

A Scottish government spokesman said: “It is disappointing that after five years the UK government has not been able to publish its proposals for how this devolution will be delivered and we have written to it seeking progress. We will seek to agree a realistic transfer date as part of our current engagement.”

A spokesman for HM Courts and Tribunals said: “This is a complicated piece of work, with good progress being made.”

2 thoughts on “Transfer of Tribunal Powers to Scotland being delayed

  1. Another delayed policy. According to the news tonight the roll out of Universal Credit will not be completed until 2024 – about 7 years behind schedule

    The UK Gov not doing too well.

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