Should Reporting Scotland make an official complaint to BBC UK on their failure to politicise 130 brain-damaged babies?

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It is there down at the bottom with a less-than dramatic headline but containing this: ‘At least seven preventable baby deaths may have occurred at the trust since 2016, a BBC investigation found. Here’s how the Independent saw it:

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Though the Independent report has more disturbing facts, neither think to mention the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock. There is certainly no picture of him. 130 brain-damaged new-borns on the watch of Tory ministers and BBC UK, even the at times mildly leftist Independent see no need to politicise the story, confining themselves to those who actually manage the hospitals. The contrast with the approach taken by BBC Scotland is perhaps the strongest and clearest evidence of bias in their reporting on the SNP Government:

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So, in England, 7 deaths and 130 brain-damaged new-borns due to neglect and no mention of the Tory Minister, but in Scotland, one child death where a hospital infection may have been a contributory factor and a Tory MSP’s call for a resignation is headlined.

BBC UK, England, N Ireland and Wales never politicise health issues while BBC Scotland nearly always does. It’s an easy way for me to find objective evidence of their bias so why don’t they put an official complaint in against the others?

Health is the major concern of those middle-aged and older voters who turn out. It’s the only area where BBC Scotland can score, mostly offside and after a blatant foul, against the SNP Government so they will keep coming for it like a pack of hyenas.

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4 thoughts on “Should Reporting Scotland make an official complaint to BBC UK on their failure to politicise 130 brain-damaged babies?

  1. BBC Scotland is a propaganda outlet in the manner of Neues Deutschland.

    Only news the State authorises passes the censor.

    Scotland is an Internal Colony of Greater England, and “journalism” is in yoke to that end”

    Nothing else can explain the endlessly slewed and biased stories emanating from Pacific Quay, and a print media that is sadly compromised.

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    1. The *power* to control broadcasting is reserved to Westminster,despite many requests to devolve broadcasting to Scotland these requests have been refused on the basis of *what*?
      Of course the answer is if you control a thing then deny the use of that *power* to someone else it can only be you are afraid that someone else uses that *power* in the same way you do

      Scotland is bombarded on a daily basis with gossip news, we’ve all heard *the news* begin with phrases like *critics of the SNP or Scottish government say* but never do we hear who this list of seemingly nameless *critics* are, for all we know it’s the tea lady in the canteen at TV studios talking to the milkman, but this becomes *news* beamed into folks homes and accepted as fact

      *The opposition to the Scottish government have said* this statement is usually followed up by a non factual guess at something that may or may not happen in the future if somebody does or does not do whatever the guess was, *NEWS*? this is not news, this is big Tam doon the pub telt me sumthin, it’s gossip! passed off as news for the generation who fall for it because well it’s the 6pm news isn’t it so it must be right


  2. I listened to the radio while driving this morning and caught news of a coroner’s report on the death of one of seven dead babies in a Kent hospital – no mention of health Secretary or calls for resignations or which baaadd government is in charge.

    I get more desperate by the day to sever the links with Westminster and the media of Scotland.

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  3. Some folk may remember in the 70s when Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein’s voice was not to be heard on TV or Radio for fear of the sound corrupting innocent folk and making them susceptable to becoming a terrorist, how many times have we seen and heard opposition to the SNP state their case with audio and moving pictures of them doing it only for the BBC and or STV to show a picture of the FM and the interpretation of her words spoken by a *journalist* as her reply

    How many studio talk programmes have we seen where there are three or four opposition to the one SNP representative all being allowed to talk over that one SNP representative simulaneously, includin the *presenter*
    This is a clear attempt to make the viewer believe that majority of opinion in Scotland is against whatever is being spoken about

    We’ve all seen the rigged Question Time audiences for a huge dose of how they go about that in England
    As long as the so called *journalists* and broadcasters in Scotland want to keep their jobs they’ll do and say what they’re told, and when they’re told to do it


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