Photograph: Jane Barlow/PA

Ludo Thierry:

On the 31st Jan Scotland loses the services of 3 excellent YES/REMAIN supporting MEPs (there are also 3 ukanian types who shuffle off) due to Brexit. Interestingly, Scotland may yet acquire a NEW MEP based here. I discovered today that the wonderful Prof. Clara Ponsati (St. Andrews Uni) is due to be appointed as an ‘extra’ MEP for Catalonia due to the redistribution of MEP numbers to the remaining EU states following the exit of ukanian MEPs. (Spain is due a further 5 MEPs – one of whom should be going to the Catalonia list (where Prof. Ponsati is next in line) – but we all know what tricks might be applied to stop this).

The assumption of a seat in the European Parliament could be highly relevant given Prof. Ponsati’s current legal process against ‘Treason’ charges (ain’t the world wacky?!) for her role in organising the democratic Catalonian Referendum. It might also be hugely useful to have a Scotland based MEP who can help keep Scotland’s hope and intention to remain attached to our common European home at the forefront of Europe’s thinking. Link and snippet below:

When Britain leaves the European Union on January 31, new members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will be installed on February 1 from the remaining member states to fill empty seats.

Following the May 2019 European Parliament elections, Ponsati is due to take one of the five seats redistributed to Spain, as an incoming MEP for the Together for Catalonia party.

“If Clara becomes a member of the European Parliament, then she is entitled to the immunity that is attached, the legal immunity which means that she has a right to take the seat,” said Anwar (her solicitor).