Now ITV’s health correspondent gets the NHS Scotland and England figures all wrong

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From ITV’s Emily Morgan yesterday, after noting grudgingly that NHS Scotland had treated 85.5% within 4 hours:

Last week I was in Wales and visited the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport. Only 58% of its patients were see within four hours in A&E in November last year, that is shocking and not one of the patients I spoke to there was surprised, many had been waiting 12 hours themselves. Across Wales the figure stands at 74.4% and in England, just 79.8% were seen within four hours in December, down from 86.5% in 2018.

She has the wrong figures for England. Only their Type 1 departments are comparable and they only managed 71.3% at the end of a steady fall from a summer ‘high’ of 78.9%.

Morgan also says:

What Scotland doesn’t do well in is planned operations, so the answer might well be that the NHS in Scotland has different priorities.

Really? See this:

In October 2019, only 1.7% of operations were cancelled due to a lack of capacity in terms of operating theatres or staff, down from 2% in September. For any system like NHS Scotland to have 0 cancellations due to capacity, would require facilities and staffing beyond that which could be reasonably justified and, often, theatres lying empty and staff idle.

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5 thoughts on “Now ITV’s health correspondent gets the NHS Scotland and England figures all wrong

  1. It really beggars belief, doesn’t it? – massively paid, soi-disant ‘professional’ reporters who seem incapable of catching a single accurate fact during a news report!!! – I understand the print press are going strong on the alleged slippage of Scotland’s position within the OECD Regional Well-Being data (spoiler – they’re talking rollocks as usual). The website info is worth a glance (Pretty interesting comparisons actually). I understand from a post I noticed earlier that the ever excellent MacAlba is on the job and will (shortly) be doing a proper spread on the various useful metrics identified within the data. That will be worth a really good look. Link to the OECD page below:

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  2. Meantime the Chief Statistician released further encouraging stats regarding the fuel efficiency of Scottish homes and levels of fuel poverty being experienced. Note the longer term trends achieved since 2013 for reducing fuel poverty – and from 2010 for Energy Efficient Dwellings and for SHQS social housing pass/failure rate. Remember – these longer term positive trends are NOT occurring by accident. These good outcomes are being achieved BECAUSE there is an SNP Scottish Govt with some kind of coherent plan in operation with a focussed desire to improve living conditions throughout Scotland. Don’t let the britnats undermine these hard won gains. Link and snippets below:

    The Chief Statistician has released figures on fuel poverty, energy efficiency, the condition of housing, the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) and other key descriptors of the occupied housing stock in Scotland. This publication provides the first release of information from the Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS) for the year January to December 2018.

    In 2018 the level of fuel poverty remained similar to 2017: 25.0% or 619,000 households were fuel poor, with 11.3% or 279,000 households living in extreme fuel poverty. This compares to the 23.7% or 583,000 fuel poor households in 2017, with 11.9% or 293,000 households living in extreme fuel poverty.

    There has been little change in the fuel poverty rate over the past 3 years, but there has been a reduction from the peak of 31.7%, or 761,000 households, in 2013.

    Levels of extreme fuel poverty have been decreasing since the peak in 2013 of 16.0%, or 384,000 households.

    In 2018, 43% of Scottish homes were in the highest energy efficiency bands, C or better, and half had an energy efficiency rating of 67 or higher (using Standard Assessment Procedure 2012, Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure version 9.93).

    Using Standard Assessment Procedure 2009 allows the longer-term trend to be explored and shows strong improvement in the energy efficiency profile of housing. The share of the most energy efficient dwellings, those rated C or better, increased from 24% in 2010 to 49% in 2018. In the same period, the proportion of properties in the lowest EPC bands (E, F or G) more than halved, reducing from 27% to 12%.

    The Scottish Housing Quality Standard failure rate in the social sector was 36%, not allowing for abeyances and exemptions which are taken into account by the Scottish Housing Regulator. This has fallen from 60% in 2010.

    Overcrowding levels in Scotland remain unchanged: 2%, or 53,000 households, were living in overcrowded accommodation in 2018.

    The sample size in 2018 was 2,964 dwellings where both an interview and a physical survey were conducted.

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