ALERT: Awakened Scottish Covenant 2019 webpage:

From Contrary:

The Digital Covenant 2019 webpage is up and running for signing:

So sign it. If you are ‘waiting for the SNP’ you’ll be cold in your grave before anything happens – in saying that, only do what you feel comfortable with. At least read the first page of the signing process which describes what you need and explains that it is a legal document, so make sure that you agree with the statement before signing.

I haven’t actually been through the process yet, got to scan a couple of documents, so not sure if it is easy or not – does anyone have experience of it they would share?

I will repeat: WE are the Plan B, if you take no action then nothing will happen. Lots of little things by lots of people is cumulative – no need for major ground breaking events of organising, just whatever you feel able to do.

Signing this covenant thing is just one thing – I suspect it will take a while, so best to get it underway as quickly as possible and keep advertising it.

3 thoughts on “ALERT: Awakened Scottish Covenant 2019 webpage:

  1. I have signed. There were a couple of hiccups which is why there are to be phone apps developed, and people who will have the equipment and knowledge to help others.


    1. Thank you Bill (I’m still trying to find official documents! I’m not very tidy), I think once they get a network of people to help others things will take off – a presence at an independence rally will be a good move. I’ve seen complaints about how the website looks, that parts are hard to read, as well (some bits are awkward to see, but I wasn’t bothered by it).


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