After 12 years of SNP administration Scots are the most optimistic about their futures

The SNP Government is abundantly to blame for this!

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The above data are from this year’s Social Mobility Barometer. The Barometer is an annual survey of around 5,000 people from across the UK. People’s own experiences and perceptions can often give a sharper insight than research and statistics. Last year it exposed deep pessimism among young people about their futures and a feeling that it was becoming harder for those from working class backgrounds to get on in life.

As in some other surveys such those on poverty, Scotland seems to be doing that bit better and given that the bad buck always stops at government, the SNP administration can take some credit here.

With 71% anticipating that their housing will be either better or similar to that of their parents and 66% expecting that their job security will be better or similar, Scotland seems to offer a slightly better world to live in. With regard to anticipated financial situations, Scotland comes second, only just behind the ‘North’.

Click to access Social_Mobility_Barometer_2019-2020.pdf

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