Offensive Behaviour at Work? Blue, Red and Green Tories putting businesses at risk to score points against SNP again but BBC Scotland misses it

Douglas…Douglas… say HEEHAW when it really matters.

From Insider yesterday:

MSP claims SNP is ‘party of business’ after opposition attempt to amend Non-Domestic Rates BillBottom of Form. The number of private-sector firms in Scotland is at a record level, according to Scottish Government figures.

The total operating in the country rose by more than a quarter from 279,940 in 2007 to 356,550 in 2019. The figures, dating back to the start of the new millennium, indicate the number has risen steadily each year since 2000.

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson claimed that could be thrown into reverse by an attempt to amend the Non-Domestic Rates Bill by opposition parties at Holyrood. The Conservatives and Labour backed an amendment tabled by the Greens which would put the power to set rates in the hands of local authorities.

Wait, what about the Orange Tories? Where’s Willie?????

Finance Secretary Derek Mackay claimed that would put at risk £300 million of relief on newly built and newly refurbished business premises and that it “would devastate Scottish business”.

Gibson said: “Scotland’s businesses are thriving and the rise has been driven in particular by the success of our small business start-ups. The SNP is absolutely committed to helping businesses to start up and grow, and our small business bonus scheme is helping support record numbers reduce their rates bill. “We are the party of business. A majority of Scottish businesses benefit from the lowest poundage anywhere in the UK and incentives that only exist in Scotland.

“But plans to ditch this support would deliver a body blow to Scottish business and would put at risk the delivery of local services. The Tories and Labour must reverse on this disastrous move at the final stage of the bill. These figures hit home that the SNP is the only party that will stand up for Scottish business.

4 thoughts on “Offensive Behaviour at Work? Blue, Red and Green Tories putting businesses at risk to score points against SNP again but BBC Scotland misses it

  1. Surprised at the Toties , are they not supposed to be the party of business , or is it because it is the Scottish government that brought this help in that makes it something to be rejected regardless of it’s worthiness . Does it matter whether it is government run or council run as long as the help is there , oh wait , if it is a Tories /Lab run council the money to support business won’t be there , the money will go to building a statue to Victoria ! .

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  2. What allow the twats that have destroyed local business in Angus, with what one can only assume is a huge back hander from the parking meters company to play with business rates !!!

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  3. Tolies not interested in businesses that actually provide goods or services. Throwing a strop because private schools lost their business rates exemption (if you read the actual debate you will see this was the one issue on business rates they were interested in). Barclay review was supposed to make the system fairer. This is a diversion and bad news for small business. SNP were listening to the consultation responses from folk who actually have to live with the system while trying to earn a crust. I’m so pissed off at Andy Wightman – time to listen to what real people are telling you not turn what was a laudable attempt to improve the system into your crusade for faux local democracy.


  4. Returning small business rates to councils is a Green Party initiative Andy Wightman raised it in the debate and said his party would move to introduce it into the bill.


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