Talking-up Scotland seems to be taking off again after dipping in the wake of the transition from the old Thought Control Scotland image and is pushing 100 000 views in one month for the first time ever. Many thanks to readers, commentators and contributors for validating what the blog tries to do.

Some have suggested that current dissatisfaction with Wings by some of its readers partly explains this. I absolutely do not want to see Wings decline after its special contribution to the cause. I hope readers of this blog will continue to favour Wings and the other excellent pro-Indy blogs.

As you can see above, the old blog survives as a kind of archive with 2 784 posts and still attracts some visits.

The concept of thought control in democracies, after Chomsky, also survives in my thoughts and, I know, in the thoughts of some current followers of the new blog. For a reminder, see:

Why there is thought control in liberal democratic Scotland and perhaps less in North Korea?