Talking-up Scotland recovers after shedding thought-control image

Talking-up Scotland seems to be taking off again after dipping in the wake of the transition from the old Thought Control Scotland image and is pushing 100 000 views in one month for the first time ever. Many thanks to readers, commentators and contributors for validating what the blog tries to do.

Some have suggested that current dissatisfaction with Wings by some of its readers partly explains this. I absolutely do not want to see Wings decline after its special contribution to the cause. I hope readers of this blog will continue to favour Wings and the other excellent pro-Indy blogs.

As you can see above, the old blog survives as a kind of archive with 2 784 posts and still attracts some visits.

The concept of thought control in democracies, after Chomsky, also survives in my thoughts and, I know, in the thoughts of some current followers of the new blog. For a reminder, see:

Why there is thought control in liberal democratic Scotland and perhaps less in North Korea?

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6 thoughts on “Talking-up Scotland recovers after shedding thought-control image

  1. If i ever need to point out the concept of Thought Control i will point to that BBC interviewer Emma Barnett “Why on earth shouldn’t people be able to be billionaires?’.
    She was so aggressively certain, for a few seconds i thought i must have got it all wrong.
    The idea that some such a statement was beyond question says it all.

    Yes, the same person who interrupted Angela Raynor talking about the climate emergency with
    ‘Would you nationalise sausages?’

    Most of the BBC political team are just clones of each other.


  2. John you pose the question “Why there is thought control in liberal democratic Scotland and perhaps less in North Korea?”. There is a sense that we both know the answer – it’s what they do.
    However, I have been re-reading Tom Devine’s “The Scottish Nation” and in particular Chapter 1 which deals with the Union. This makes abundantly clear that while there were other factors – securing the northern borders, the desire of the monarch to unite her two countries – the dominant motive was that England was increasingly unable to control events in Scotland at a time when it was clear that Queen Anne was not going to produce an heir and that Scotland might go off and offer their throne to someone other than who England might opt for. The worst case analysis was an heir of James Vii – ie a Catholic. Therefore the motivation was control
    For that analysis the following is highly pertinent – that Scotland has 1/3 of all the UK’s natural resources. They point out “oil and gas production has steadily declined since 1998, falling 58.3% in less than two decades”, but renewables – particularly power generated from wind – was “five times higher in 2017 than at the turn of the millennium and now accounts for more than half of all the country’s energy production.”
    How much does the UK want to lose control of part of its area where it can hit its environmental targets, and perhaps even start to sell abroad? Once again this would have much larger implications here than in the UK as a whole – just like oil.
    So the answer remains the same – control. It might have shifted from control of who occupies the throne, to economic control, but it does look as if “plus ca change, plus la meme chose”.


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