Oooooh that seems a lot but is it?

In the Herald today

‘A TOTAL of 1,700 complaints relating to patients being discharged from hospitals have been made to Scottish health boards since 2014/15.’

Wow! FFS! That’s a lot! They must be really bad. I blame the SNP!

That’s what they want you to think. Consider these

  1. They’ve lumped 5 years of data together to make it seem more than it is and perhaps to conceal a trend. It’s 340 per year on average. Still a lot?
  2. How many patients are treated every year? NHS Scotland admitted and later discharged 1.2 MILLION people in 2017/18 alone.
  3. So, only 1 in every 3 529 complained or 0.028%.
  4. How many complained In England? The total for 2017/18 was an astonishing 94 637.
  5. Assuming 12 million were treated (10 times the population) that’s 1 in every 127 or 0.78%!

This is a huge difference of clear statistical significance. What might explain it? Try some of this: