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In the Herald today Hannah Rodger presents Miles Briggs to rant unconvincingly about documents the Herald claims to have ‘uncovered’ where the ‘lead infection control doctor’ said ‘it is possible the dialysis point was the source’ but also that the fungus could be ‘ubiquitous’ and ‘present in the air.’ For some reason, this possibility raised back in June is presented as a contradiction.

Of course, Briggs uses this familiar platform to attack both the Health Secretary and the First Minister. Readers will know that his bosses in England are never blamed for the third-world conditions they have produced across many of the hospitals there.

No document ‘uncovered’ seems to contradict the investigation’s finding that the source of the mould was not found.

More important, of course, nothing in the Herald or in the rantings of Briggs, contradicts the investigation’s main finding that the patient died from natural causes and that the infection did not contribute to her death.

As for the ‘uncovering’, was that more the ‘opening’ of the email from Briggs?