Herald colludes with Tories to wrongly malign Scottish Hospital in now desperate proxy war on the SNP

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In the Herald today Hannah Rodger presents Miles Briggs to rant unconvincingly about documents the Herald claims to have ‘uncovered’ where the ‘lead infection control doctor’ said ‘it is possible the dialysis point was the source’ but also that the fungus could be ‘ubiquitous’ and ‘present in the air.’ For some reason, this possibility raised back in June is presented as a contradiction.

Of course, Briggs uses this familiar platform to attack both the Health Secretary and the First Minister. Readers will know that his bosses in England are never blamed for the third-world conditions they have produced across many of the hospitals there.

No document ‘uncovered’ seems to contradict the investigation’s finding that the source of the mould was not found.

More important, of course, nothing in the Herald or in the rantings of Briggs, contradicts the investigation’s main finding that the patient died from natural causes and that the infection did not contribute to her death.

As for the ‘uncovering’, was that more the ‘opening’ of the email from Briggs?

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5 thoughts on “Herald colludes with Tories to wrongly malign Scottish Hospital in now desperate proxy war on the SNP

  1. Wont be long before the Herod prints gossip as “breaking news”.
    There again, what they print as “gospel” from the Toadies, wont be as accurate as gossip.

    Whit is it with the Scorrish (sic) Tories and their big fat beaming faces? Is it drink? High blood pressure? A fungal infection, perhaps?

    I think its embarrassment!

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  2. The Herald really has turned into the home grown Daily Express , it is a red top comic , there are no serious journalists left , it is just cheap hire boys that can come up with the best SNP baad story of the day gifted to them pfrom willing demented Unionists .

    Is this vitriol from the Herald against the SNP because The National and the Herald come from the same Newsquest stable . It is prudent to play one against the other to rake in as much revenue for it’s Unionist billionaire owner that it can ! .

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    1. Indeed, though The ‘National’ says they are pro independence, they are certainly not pro SNP, I find quite the opposite in fact much of the time. I buy it sometimes to p**s off the Britnats, they hate it being on the shelves at all.

      These right wing rags are a disgrace to actually journalism.

      Many real journalists are trying to report on the actual truth around the globe are persecuted, and even often murdered by state run tyrannies who are working for the US and other regimes!. You just have to look at Latin America, infiltrated by the US, it’s a scary situation, where people are being oppressed and killed, for trying to protect their own lands and function as democracies, particularly journalists and ‘activists’.

      Shame on the utter lowlifes calling themselves journalists, who are lying for the UK and US state and right wing governments.


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