Herald letter-writer inadvertently exposes its shoddy biased journalism

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In the Herrod today, this delightful bawl of confusion:

‘IT can be readily conceded that the SNP performed somewhat better in the General Election earlier this month. It is fairly obvious to many that such a result was largely attributable to what one can describe as a Brexit bounce rather than an endorsement of the SNP’s stellar performance in the devolutionary governance of Scotland. For confirmation of that let us consider, for example, a few headlines in The Herald from this current month: December 3, “International tests see record low results for Scottish school pupils”; December 6, “Outgoing Police Scotland watchdog calls for better scrutiny”, not more”; December 19, “A shocking failure of lifeline services”; December 19, “Questions remain over hospital building failures says watchdog”; December 19, “Services tackling homelessness in Scotland ‘broken beyond repair ;” December 20, “Recruiting GPs requires urgent attention”; December 20, “Holyrood launches probe into ferries fiasco as yard costs to double”.

‘The SNP performed somewhat better.’ I loved that one but, seriously folks, look at that list. The writer believes that these are true in some way. Really. Needless to say, they were all the usual highly selective distortions constructed cynically or ideologically to attract readers. For confirmation of that let us consider, for example, a few headlines based on actual evidence, in Talking-up Scotland:

Eight years of steady improvement in outcomes for Scotland’s schoolchildren leaving non-Scottish parts well behind?

Shock rise in Police Scotland satisfaction rate but Herald’s editorial guidelines lead to anything else

Reporting Scotland Up reveals Scotland’s hospitals cleanest in UK as Norovirus reports halve here but double there

Homelessness under SNP falls dramatically but surges under UK Tories

Scottish GP headcount climbs for 3rd quarter in a row, is younger and more numerous than in England.

As for the ferry fiasco:

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One thought on “Herald letter-writer inadvertently exposes its shoddy biased journalism

  1. In the same “trees who died for nothing” edition of this yellow page rag, we have Mark Smith and Guy Stenhouse giving their utter fantasy one sided, once upon a time, unadulterated mince, “view of the world as we would like it to be”. Where Boris has a mandate with less than 30% of the electoral vote, but in their upside down world, Sturgeon with a higher % of the electorate hasn’t. Hypocrisy—thy name is Brit nat Herod propagandist.

    The moral of the story? If you can’t win an election, just pretend you have—-that the winner didn’t REALLY win–eh, um, because their votes were just Unionists who got lost: or they never wrote their mandate in blood: or it was dark when people voted: or the truth—Unionists are filling their breeks while whistling in the dark.
    They know, as do the public, when even their one trick pony, Ruthie, packs it in for greasing palms in the corporate world, then the game is UP.

    Every BritNat commentator, press, TV or radio, for the last week has given precisely the same story, with exactly the same words and phases. You don’t need a conspiracy theory to explain this phenomenon—it’s called doing what you are told, and follow the script.
    Doesn’t matter where it originates–No 10, Tory party, MI5—as long as we are aware that is what’s going on!

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