Leader of Britain First has joined the Conservative Party

Image: The Times

Ludo Thierry

This seems an indicator of what Johnson’s southern successes last week might be beginning to encourage to slither out from their weird and not-so-wonderful political hideaways. The full Better Together crew getting together again? Link and snippets below:


From the Independent:

The leader of Britain First has joined the Conservative Party, the far-right group has claimed.

Paul Golding was now a paid-up member of the Bexleyheath and Crayford Conservative Association, it said. The extremist group posted an image of what it claimed was an email from the Conservative membership team that said Golding’s membership was now “activated”.

But the Tories said his application had not been formally approved and was likely to be revoked.

This week Britain First called on its supporters to join the Tories to shore up the prime minister’s support base following his election victory.

In 2018, Golding was convicted of religiously-aggravated harassment and jailed for 18 weeks. His deputy Jayda Fransen was jailed for 36 weeks.

Britain First began as a political party formed by ex-members of the British National Party.

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