Scottish Tories stupidly reveal Scotland has 30% more gritters per snowy day since the SNP came to power

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‘Scotland will experience warmer and wetter winters, and drier and hotter summers. There will also be an increasing frequency of severe weather events, such as storms, heavy precipitation, droughts and periods of unusually hot weather. Periods of very cold weather, snow and ice will decrease in frequency, but will still occur.’

Climate Change Risks Facing Scotland’s Transport Infrastructure 2019:

You see the risk there? That SNP administration might not be getting on with the day or night-job, too busy writing Indyref2 letters, to buy new snowploughs, thinking global warming will get them off the hook. Those Scottish Tories were probably thinking just that.

On Thursday 19th December 2019 in Holyrood, Jamie Greene (West Scotland) (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party) ask the Scottish Government how many gritters and winter salt treatment vehicles there are, and how this compares with each year since 2007.

Michael Matheson: The Scottish Government through Transport Scotland is responsible for Winter Service on trunk roads and motorways. The number of gritters and winter salt treatment vehicles in service each year is shown in the following table.

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Click to access WA20191219.pdf

Up from 164 to 213 or 29.87%.

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