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Scotland has more small businesses than at any time in the last ten years and the number is growing with 396 today compared to 357 in 2010, a 10.9% increase under SNP administration.


Might the Small Business Bonus Scheme since 2008 have helped? Thanks to a pariamentary question yesterday, we can put some figures on the debate:

  • The total overall savings to businesses as a result of the Small Business Bonus Scheme covering the period 2008-09 – 2018-19 are £1.79 billion. The estimated savings for 2019-20 will add a further £272 million.
  • 120,420 properties received Small Business Bonus Scheme relief, compared to 64,180 properties in 2008.
  • 111,040 properties received 100% relief through the Small Business Bonus Scheme.

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