Photo: Mark Runnacles: TuS is funded by Big Bairn, Prof John Robertson’s pension

Using the following pro-Indy blogs received these estimated visitor figures:

  • Wings over Scotland 118 600
  • Wee Ginger Dug 57 300
  • Common Space 49 000
  • Talking-up Scotland 48 800
  • Gerry Hassan 22 900
  • Scot Goes Pop 15 900
  • Peter Bell not enough data
  • I’m getting ‘File not found (404)’ for Grouse Beater.

I haven’t included Craig Murray at nearly a quarter of a million because I’m putting him in another league and because most of his stuff is UK or globally-oriented. I have included Peter Bell because he once sneered at my puny twitter presence of 3 000 against his 10 000. Hah!

Seriously though, is Wings in decline, losing readers as it becomes distracted by sexual identity and internal SNP machinations? I’m a huge and genuine fan of his work. He has produced some of the most powerful, forensic and influential communication we’ve seen. I really hope he returns in strength. As for Common Space, it’s astonishing that with their funding and star contributors, they have attracted only a handful more visitors than TuS, with only me, Ludo and one or two irregulars. Their Tiqui-taca, short, often sideways-passing, playing out from the back, game may be losing out to our more direct hoof it up to Big Duncan tactic.