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Only one week to go and the SNP are still strong in the polls despite the daily health scares on BBC Scotland. What can they do? FGM? No! Surely, they wouldn’t try to exaggerate that.

On Reporting Scotland last night, we heard an extended report into the dreadful phenomenon of FGM. The reporter told us that ‘medics in our cities’ had reported more than 200 cases in the last two years.

According to Police Scotland there were 28 cases in 2018. The official figures for 2019 are not yet released.


A Freedom of Information request to police Scotland revealed the above. If such crimes were occurring with similar frequency across the UK, as they are in Scotland, then the figures for the UK would be around 12 times greater They are not.

There were nearly 2 000 cases of FGM in England in just the first three months of 2019 suggesting a shocking 8 000 per year 286 times as many or 22 times as many per capita as in Scotland.


And, ‘medics in our cities?’ The BBC editorial guidelines tell them not to rely on single or unattributed sources. Their Royal Charter obliges them to inform. So, failed on both counts.