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From the Scottish Government today and being covered, if not exactly headlined, by Reporting Scotland:

Rise in number of people training to be GPs.

Latest recruitment figures show that 92% of all medical training posts advertised in Scotland in 2019 are filled – the highest level for five years.

Data published by NHS Education for Scotland shows that clinical radiology and medical oncology have 100% fill rates, both of which will support the Waiting Times Improvement Plan. They are two of 37 medical specialties in which every place is taken – last year that figure was 29.

The number of people applying to specialise in General Practice has increased with 325 posts filled from the 340 advertised – 33 more than in 2018. In GP training posts which were previously seen as “hard to fill” and are eligible for the £20,000 Scottish Government bursary, the number of applications has risen 21%.


I can’t find current figures, but in 2017, in NHS England:

  • Nearly three quarters of all medical specialties had unfilled training posts in 2016;
  • Dozens of specialties face recruitment shortfalls year on year;
  • The number of applications to UK (sic) medical schools has decreased for the third year in a row and by more than 13 per cent since 2013;
  • Applications to the foundation programme (the first year of doctors’ training following medical school) are decreasing, with 2016 having the lowest number of applicants in recent years;
  • Applications to specialty training are in decline;
  • Fewer trainees are moving directly in specialty training and instead choosing to take a career break.