92% of all medical training posts advertised in Scotland in 2019 are filled

Ian, Ian, we’re prepared to offer you £25 million for Jeanne Freeman! You can have Matt Hancock for SFA!

From the Scottish Government today and being covered, if not exactly headlined, by Reporting Scotland:

Rise in number of people training to be GPs.

Latest recruitment figures show that 92% of all medical training posts advertised in Scotland in 2019 are filled – the highest level for five years.

Data published by NHS Education for Scotland shows that clinical radiology and medical oncology have 100% fill rates, both of which will support the Waiting Times Improvement Plan. They are two of 37 medical specialties in which every place is taken – last year that figure was 29.

The number of people applying to specialise in General Practice has increased with 325 posts filled from the 340 advertised – 33 more than in 2018. In GP training posts which were previously seen as “hard to fill” and are eligible for the £20,000 Scottish Government bursary, the number of applications has risen 21%.


I can’t find current figures, but in 2017, in NHS England:

  • Nearly three quarters of all medical specialties had unfilled training posts in 2016;
  • Dozens of specialties face recruitment shortfalls year on year;
  • The number of applications to UK (sic) medical schools has decreased for the third year in a row and by more than 13 per cent since 2013;
  • Applications to the foundation programme (the first year of doctors’ training following medical school) are decreasing, with 2016 having the lowest number of applicants in recent years;
  • Applications to specialty training are in decline;
  • Fewer trainees are moving directly in specialty training and instead choosing to take a career break.


3 thoughts on “92% of all medical training posts advertised in Scotland in 2019 are filled”

  1. I’m puzzled by the lack of response from the SNHS, don’t they understand this an attack on them and setting them up to be taken over by Westminster?

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  2. I think the Herald covered it today. They, of course, had to put a wee sting in the tail by mentioning the £7.5 million fund to attract doctors from overseas which had not reached its target. Omitting to mention that the £200 million contract issued by NHS England to recruit 5,000 GPs from abroad had also come up short. 3000 instead of 5,000.

    There also seems to have been an increase in doctors applying for the paperwork that allows them to work overseas.

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