Key points about QEU Hospital infection NOT being reported by BBC Scotland – please share

Sourced for us by Brian McGowan

As I watch Gordon Brewer join in the ill-informed agenda-driven attack on the Health Secretary and the Board, this statement from Jane Grant, Chief Executive, NHSGGC, really does need to be heard:

“Since the move to Ward 6A and 4B in September 2018, infection rates have been similar to other Scottish paediatric units.

“We have fully tested the water supply and ward surfaces in Ward 6A and also reviewed individual infections and found no links between individual infections and no source of infections in the ward.

“Families should be reassured that infection rates at present are within expected levels and the hospital is safe.

The technical reports on the quality of the water supplies at the QEUH Campus mentioned by Mr Sarwar in the Scottish Parliament were not brought to the Senior Leadership Team’s attention until 2018.

“Once I had been made aware of these reports by Health Facilities Scotland as part of the work we had commissioned following an increase in the number of infections on Ward 2A/2B, I ensured that immediate steps and necessary action was taken to provide assurance about the safety of the water supply.

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6 thoughts on “Key points about QEU Hospital infection NOT being reported by BBC Scotland – please share

  1. Manufactured crisis, poisoned well of the English based media and a panicking Westminster dark team.

    They are shitting themselves


  2. I was very suspicious that there was little evidence or investigation. E.g. Report of 2015 ‘before hospital opened’ said ‘there were concerns’ re water supply. At no point have we been told who that report was sent too, and no ‘investigative’ journalist appears to have asked this obvious question

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  3. Black propaganda again from the usual suppliers. I honestly hope when we get our independence that the BBC will get kicked out of Scotland. They are a disgusting shower of traitors to Scotland and its people. At least stop the license fee!..Why pay for treachery? Joe Coburn..Andrew Neil..Brewer..throw in SKYs Kay Burley and you have a gang of three who no more care about Scotland than fly in the air. They have embraced trickle-down politics with relish. Follow instructions from upper echelons in the media and promotion will follow. Makes we want to vomit big time.

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