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In a strangely upbeat manner, we heard today:

‘The mother of a girl who died FROM an infection at Glasgow’s ‘Super Hospital’ has told Reporting Scotland she believes her daughter would still be alive if action had been taken when contamination risks were discovered.’

Here is the death certificate:

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I’m not a medic but it seems quite clear that the infection was a possible third contributory factor in four in, a tragic death, caused by multiple factors and that the assertion that the child died ‘from’ an infection is patently inaccurate. That the infection was even ‘linked to’ contaminated water cannot be proven as tests were not required at the time. The claim is a tragic attempt to politicise the events, heartlessly exploiting the mother of the child.

The report goes on to claim that ‘Earlier this week an official report found a spike in infections around the time of Millie’s death at the hospital.’

This is also untrue. The word ‘spike’ is not used because the increase in cases reported is statistically insignificant. The false impression of a spike which has clearly fooled BBC Scotland staff and their feeder, Anas Sarwar, would be understandable in a primary school pupil but not after that stage. Here it is:

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It’s a classic often seen in attempts to dramatize the insignificant. There were 400 children being treated at the same time as the tragic events and thousands over the longer period presented along the vertical axis of the graph. So, the vertical axis should not stop conveniently at 25 but should rise to at least 400 and only that if the figures along the horizontal axis are reduced from quarterly figures to daily figures. The maximum number of reports in one quarter was around twenty. That would be 1 in every 3 to 4 days or less than one out of 400 patients in a day being referred in this way.  Can you see the graph now? The so-called spike would then be accurately represented as a barely visibly blip. There was no ‘spike’. The mother has been tricked by politicians and reporters.