Full Ipsos MORI poll puts SNP 18 points ahead at 43% to cause real damage and suggests support for independence at 50%

Operation arse, my arse!

The poll for STV of 1 032 adults (18+) with fieldwork on 19th to 25th November reports:

  • Con      25%
  • Lab      17%
  • Lib       10%
  • SNP      43%
  • Brexit  1%
  • Green  3%

This suggests, contrary to the Panelbase poll on Sunday, support for the SNP at a level leading to reclaiming more of the Tory seats as well as largely wiping out Labour.

Click to access ipsos-mori-scotland-election-2019-pm-tables.pdf

From STV:

According to Electoral Calculus, if these results were replicated on election day, the SNP could pick up an additional 13 seats, reaching the party’s second highest ever total of 48. However, the Conservatives would slip from 13 to six and Labour-held seats in Scotland would fall from seven to one, while the Lib Dems would stay on four.


3 thoughts on “Full Ipsos MORI poll puts SNP 18 points ahead at 43% to cause real damage and suggests support for independence at 50%

  1. Alas, Beeb Boris Crappadoodle has found Nicola spend a HUGE £13.60 on a shampoo and style in 2011, while Jaikie Carlot has managed without a “trim” for 10 years, Drago Leotardo gets a free demi-bouffant through the Union, and Wee Wullie gets a pinkie-pullers (Fife branch) special.
    As we can see, the SNP has some HARD questions to answer, and it LOOKS BAD for them. Do they think hair just GROWS?

    Off to our special barbershop correspondent in London…………………………….Ukok Dreadlock.

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  2. Excellent poll.
    Let us hope it is an accurate reflection of the public mood, and gets better as Boris is exposed for the creepy huckster he undoubtedly is. I am genuinely disappointed England is buying his “wanna buy a bridge?”, act. They deserve better than this clown as do we all.

    Scottish Labour and the Lib Dumbs are a total waste of good in this election–Labour have a decade of internal chaos in front of it and the Dumbs must hope Jockney Jo gets a stuffing—she is, and will be, a disaster for them.

    Any punter with half a brain should/must vote SNP.

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  3. Don’t truely trust polls much anymore , they are only a window of that particular time , the only poll that counts is the one on the day and a lot of things will decide that , things like “vows” things like weather , things like media lies on the day , as I say the vote that counts is the one on the day and is Scots don’t go out to vote for the SNP on their own heads be it ! .

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