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This, by Helen McCardle again, is based on a survey by a trade union, the RCN, with a tiny unreliable self-selecting sample telling us nothing other than what the union and the Union would like us to think. It’s another example of what H L Mencken told us 100 years ago (see quote in header above).

How real are the unsafe staffing pressures alluded to? NHS Scotland has 50% more nurses per capita and is generally 25% better staffed than NHS England. See these two parliamentary answers from Jeanne Freeman in April 2019:

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McCardle has ‘previous’. On October 30th she claimed that ‘half of older doctors were planning to quit’ yet only 167 out of 8 000 did in 2017-2018 and that was down from 185 the previous year:


With the Tories looking disturbingly strong in recent polls this really matters.