He thinks he’s something but he’s no that bright, is he, that Gordon Brewer?

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‘We are now facing, particularly after some of the stuff that’s been in the newspapers today, a crisis of public confidence, whatever their abilities and all the rest of it (sic), you need to replace the leadership of that health board and you need to do it now!’

He said that after a long painful interrogation where he merely revealed his lack of grasp of how things happen in large organisations but it’s that sentence that reveals the most about either his duplicity or his stupidity.

Leaving aside his astonishing arrogance and patronising manner toward a woman whose abilities cast his into the deepest shadow, does he really think that the ‘stuff’ in the newspapers, readership around 5% of the population, equates to anything like evidence of what the public think? Does he really think that even those few reading them believe everything they read? I’m sure he must know that many if not the most buy them for sport, TV and other popular culture ‘stuff.’

Most of all though, does he really believe that newspapers, or his show for that matter, function to tell us, impartially and objectively, what is actually happening in the world? Social scientists have been demonstrating empirically for decades now that our newspapers and our TV news broadcasts are based on a small selective sample pandering to the all-too-partial and biased preferences of those in powerful positions in society, to construct and to communicate a version of reality, which suits the interests of the political establishment in which they are mere courtiers, or is it courtesans?

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4 thoughts on “He thinks he’s something but he’s no that bright, is he, that Gordon Brewer?

  1. Like Brian Wilson, one of the Labour in Scotland advocates and acolytes, a perfect example of why the BBC tax now needs to be stopped – we should not be paying a tax to have propaganda shoved down our throats.

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  2. Brewer’s painfully superficial, agenda driven, pseudo forensic schtick is not fit for purpose. The BBC and their legions of fat cat desk drivers and establishment forelock tuggers is long overdue full exposure to market forces.

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  3. No he’s not , have watched him and listened to him for a long time (I know , but somebody’s got to do it ! ) , he depends very much on his interviewee being very mannerly , he can then interrupt as soon as they start to explain their position and their response is lost . He does this constantly so you never get a complete answer unless he decides the politician he is interviewing merits no interruptions which is almost always a unionist party member , SNP never get the time to finish two words never mind a sentence , Gary Robertson on GMS does the same it is a BBC Scotland tactic . Having said that SNP politicians have been in the business long enough to know this goes on , they should be stopping them in their tracks as soon as they start this nonsense , the best at that is Christine Jardine of the Lie – Dums , she is so aggressive back to them they sit trembling in their seats !

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  4. Where to start on this, once again disgusting episode in the current war on decency and truth? A few random thoughts.

    1. The present SNP-led Government of Scotland is brimming with progressive and innovative ideas for the improvement of life in this country. The opposition parties have none
    2. For their own self-preservation in the public eye opponents must try to stifle general awareness of the vitality of the SNP Government wich contrasts with their own torpor. This they do by constant effete attacks in the parliament itself and by proxy through the establishment-controlled media. Nothing they put forward is either thought through or positive. Think of all the tirades of Ms Dugdale and Ms Davidson in parliament as ‘leaders’ and the constant drip of negativity in the newspapers and state/corporate television and radio.

    3. Where frontal attack on the SNP/Independence movement is difficult or impossible, the political establishment and its media serfs then resort to ‘suffocation’ through censorship by omission. Nothing – especially nothing good must be allowed into the public domain so that all that lingers in peoples’ memory is negative.

    4. ‘Debate’ in public media is simply the medieval wager of combat. There is no attempt to lay out ideas or strategies for discussion and measured consideration – only combat and a fight to the death where winner takes all.
    How savage! At any moment we might see a return to the ordeal by fire or the trial by red-hot iron, such is the intellectual level of proceedings.

    5. A world-wide war of psychology is being fought by the UK ruling establishment and others fearful for their survival in the face of popular disquiet. What we are seeing in Scotland over the question of independence is our own special part of this. It’s the only part we have a chance of doing anything about. The Scottish media are doing their bit for the establishment.

    These ramblings could go on for ever so I’ll stop by saying that possibly the best thing anyone can do these days is stop reading the established newspapers, switch off the radio and TV – and – switch on the brain that God gave you!

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