Brian ‘SNP Bad Vibrations’ Wilson the Scotsman’s woman health secretary assassin for today

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Brian Wilson accuses SNP of wanting independence
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The Scotsman today.
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The Scotsman in 2018.

I’m sure you’re not surprised to see the venomous wee Brian Wilson join in with the media demonising of a senior SNP politician in the purdah period before an election. Notice her title in the headline? Why not Scottish Government Health Secretary?

Now, maybe it’s just a coincidence, but have health secretaries in England, Wales and N Ireland been forced out by media campaigns, as Shona Robison was? Freeman is the only woman health secretary in the four parts of the UK, currently.

Also, angst-ridden images of Freeman are everywhere but the other three remain invisible. As for Wilson, well:

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9 thoughts on “Brian ‘SNP Bad Vibrations’ Wilson the Scotsman’s woman health secretary assassin for today

  1. Meanwhile you will look in vein for any serious mention by the BBC or any other news outlet,of the latest terrible health scandal in England–the Shrewsbury maternity unit where DOZENS of infants/mothers have died.

    The BBC–hourly, daily for a week now–has been after the Scottish Health Minister’s scalp, egged on by British nationalists politicians and their media lynch-mob “journalists” like Brian Wislon, the Lord Hee Haw of “jump up an’ doon, wave yer arms” nonsense.
    That same BBC has given scant air-time to any health scandal down south, and the latest one is no different.

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      1. Sometimes it’s the spellchecker—-as in “we’re Brian” which started life as “Wee Brian”.

        Sometimes, as in this time, the space between my brain, my eyes, my finger(s) and my keyboard is just too great, for cogniscence or spelling to breach the gap.

        That, as they say, is that.
        If I come up with something better, more exculpatory, more dignified than a primary2 spelling mistake—I’ll let you know—-or better still, I’ll tell the teacher!

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  2. There is a Great Britain and a Wee Briantain. It’s difficult to say which is the least coherent, or the most absurd.

    It’s odd how many failed Britnat politicians are then paid by a struggling media for opinions which the public obviously don’t agree with.

    We’re Brian, Ruthie Von Mouthie, Kezia and the idiot who scribbles for the Borisgraph.

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      1. Whenever I hear the name Kezia, I think of “Lydia, the tattooed lady” from a Marx Brothers film. Don’t know why.
        Now no one would mistake Kezia for a Marxist(Groucho, Harpo etc, not Karl), but there is a similarity—a sense of humour is a good start to appreciate either.

        A small point in her favour. She was a member of the “Brothers” club, and left.
        Groucho would never have joined that club, if……they wanted the likes of him as a member.

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  3. Britnats all over the Scotland foaming at the mouth with the SNP government and Nicola Sturgeon so any dirty trick will do . Must mean we are in for big wins across the country ! .

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