Ludo Thierry

Three quick positives gleaned from the site which I suspect mightn’t see the light of day on BBC Scotland or similar. Links and snippets below:

Scotland’s Chief Statistician released the Homelessness in Scotland: 2018/19 – Equalities Breakdowns.

From 2008-09 to 2018-19 there has been a 57% reduction in homelessness applications from under-25s, including a 68% reduction in applications from 16-17-year-olds, compared to a reduction of 37% in all homelessness applications.

Pesticide use on arable crops grown in Scotland in 2018 has declined according to a new report.

A reduction in the use of rodenticides used to control rodents on arable farms was also recorded. Pesticide use on soft fruit crops was higher in 2018 than reported in 2016. However, the low pesticide application rates reported in 2016 were atypical in this data series and pesticide application in 2018 was lower than levels reported in 2014 and 2012.

Overall, pesticide applications to Scottish arable crops in 2018 were 4% lower than in the previous survey in 2016.

It was estimated that rodenticides were used on 55% of arable farms in 2018, a reduction from the 78% using rodenticides in 2016. Approximately 49 tonnes of rodenticide bait, containing less than 6kg of active substance, was estimated to have been used. This was 47% lower than in the previous survey in 2016. The rodenticides encountered were almost exclusively second generation anticoagulant compounds. It is likely that the decreased rodenticide usage, increased adoption of non-chemical control and increased uptake of best practice reported in 2018 has been influenced by the introduction of the 2015 industry led rodenticide stewardship scheme.

Hopefully everyone has been (as I certainly have been) much buoyed up by the excellent council by-election results on 14/11 and on 21/11 where SNP took 4 of the 5 by-elections (and close challenge mounted in the fifth!) As hardline Britnat unionist Parties continue to fail to retain seats in Scotland perhaps there will be a corresponding decline in the need for political rodenticides for electoral application! – Thanks, Ludo