Scottish GPs 25% less likely to quit than others across UK

In a 151-page report by the General Medical Council there are no comparative statistics revealing any differences between Scotland and the UK. I often ask for such to be shared with me but never get them. I either get no response at all or I’m told, defensively, that the Scottish sample is too small or that the results are just the same. However, perhaps inadvertently, they have revealed one key difference in this paragraph on page 12:

The eighth National GP Worklife Survey in England, published in 2017, reported the lowest levels of job satisfaction among GPs and revealed the highest levels of stress since the survey began in 1998; it also showed that 35% of GPs were intending to quit direct patient care within the next five years. In Scotland 26% of GPs said they are unlikely to be working in general practice in five years’ time, citing unsustainable workloads and unmanageable stress levels as the main reasons.

So, these are not exactly comparable, but they’re close enough to suggest that Scottish GPs are notably less likely to quit in the next 5 years. The report also has this nice wee comment:

Students in the Scottish Graduate Entry Medicine programme (ScotGEM) are allocated a personal tutor at the school (with a pastoral role) and a General Clinical Mentor (GCM) who supervises their clinical placements. During the GMC 2018/19 quality assurance review of the programme the students were very positive about their experience, describing the GCMs as generally approachable and available for clarification or advice148.

Readers may remember earlier reports here suggesting differences in the situation of doctors here and ‘there.’

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