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Targeting English drug gangs?

‘Police move to protect vulnerable people being exploited by drug gangs in the North-East’

That’s the Reporting Scotland Down headline and the report which followed was careful not to tell us where the gangs were from other than deep into an extended report where we heard: ‘the dealers some coming from England can be particularly violent.’

That’s a remarkable statement. On their own website, in several articles with thousands of words but ‘England’ mentioned once or not at all, they do reveal way down the page:

The operation is targeting the activities of predominantly English-based organised crime groups (OCGs), who are believed to be responsible for the influx of drugs into the north east of Scotland.


But even that is deceptive. Police Scotland had no qualms about identifying the source last January:

The charity Crimestoppers is today 14th January 2019 launching a campaign to highlight the pain and suffering that criminals from English cities are inflicting on vulnerable people in Scotland’s rural and coastal towns. The campaign aims to raise awareness of County Lines, which is when criminals from major cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, London and Birmingham are expanding their drug networks to other areas, bringing with it serious criminal behaviour such as violence, exploitation and abuse.


And, a year before that STV had been telling viewers what is going on:

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STV more truthful than the state broadcaster

Most will be familiar with the idea of subliminal messages where words or images are inserted to indoctrinate the viewer but there is also the opposite notion of omission as the concealment of truth:

The deliberate exclusion of relevant information can mislead others from knowing the true nature of social and scientific facts. In extreme cases, purposeful omission is almost tantamount to lying, even if it does not technically fit the definition of lying.