Longer A&E stays 10 times more common in Tory England and 24 times more common in Labour Wales

Dom told me things were bad in Jockoland!
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From The importance of involving statisticians in the evolution of NHS performance measures, missed in my Christmas reading list, the above table jumped out at me only today, as I searched for evidence to use in the previous posts.

Click to access NHS-Performance-Measures-281118-1.pdf

8 thoughts on “Longer A&E stays 10 times more common in Tory England and 24 times more common in Labour Wales

    1. I never know why at election times the SNP don’t shout these good statistics from the rooftops , if it was Labour etc. they would be going full on with them , SNP far too timid at telling the public of all the positives things they have done , that is what people vote for in the end .

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      1. Part of the Blair movements effectiveness was their rebuttal team. The ability to get on air and put their side of the events–spin, bullshit, waffle–call it what you want, was a big part of their success.
        The SNP are too low key, too slow, too feart of upsetting the apple cart–but that is exactly what they SHOULD be doing. And shouting out their success stories.

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  1. John, You will probably have seen this report on ITV but you will not hear about on RS.

    Mental health patients travelled equivalent of 22 times around world due to lack of hospital beds.

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  2. Covering the same sort of territory that John’s blog covers day-by-day but, nevertheless, a highly useful short article is carried today on Business for Scotland site comparing Scotland and UK performance in 7 key areas of public policy over the period of tory (and coalition) government at Westminster (2010 to the present). – Spoiler Alert – Scottish performance is BETTER! Link and snippets below (definitely worth a look at full (short) article – NOTE: by focusing on period 2010 to 2019 some very impressive SNP Scottish Govt achievements are rather downplayed eg the dramatic improvement in Police numbers achieved during initial ‘minority’ SNP administration which has been subsequently sustained over the whole period):


    With a general election on the way, focusing on Brexit and independence, there will be a blizzard of claims about government records. Therefore, we have compared and contrasted the two governments, the UK Conservatives and SNP in Scotland, in a number of significant areas.

    It is hugely important to be aware of some of the key figures and outcomes of the UK Government so we have looked the last nine years of both SNP (in Scotland) and Conservative rule for the UK overall. By assessing these results alongside the spending and policies of the Scottish government an interesting comparison can be made.

    1. Homelessness and rough sleeping is on the rise in the rest of the UK, while figures fall in Scotland

    2. Child poverty levels increasing faster in rest of the UK than in Scotland

    3. The use of food banks in the rest of the UK exceeds numbers in Scotland

    4. Scottish local authorities set for budget increase, while English local governments suffer massive 49.1% reduction in funding.

    5. Carers in Scotland given £452.40 more a year than those in the rest of the UK

    6. Police numbers rise in Scotland by 0.28% and fall by 14% in England and Wales, while recorded crime is on the rise in the UK and decreasing in Scotland.

    7. A huge number of affordable houses made available under SNP Government, while Conservatives fail to deliver any of the promised homes.

    These facts and figures highlight some of the opposing outcomes of nine years of Conservative rule, and approaching nine years of a SNP Government in Scotland.

    Most of the powers that impact on these outcomes are not devolved, and are therefore, controlled by a UK government that was not elected to govern Scotland, and does not match the values of the people of Scotland, or address the needs of the country.


  3. Hi John – Am suspecting you’re possibly planning to mention the remarkable resilience being demonstrated in Scotland’s productivity figures released by Chief Statistician today. Scotland’s economy and workforce finding ways to counter Johnson’s brexit carnage. Hope I’m not jumping any guns by offering link and snippets to news.gov.scot site below?:


    Labour productivity up 1.3% over the year

    Scotland’s labour productivity has increased by 1.3% during the second quarter of 2019 compared to the same quarter in the previous year, according to statistics announced today by the Chief Statistician.

    Compared to the previous three months, labour productivity is estimated to have grown by 0.2% during April to June 2019.


  4. Further evidence of the success of the Scottish focussed SNP Scottish Govt and YES majority Scottish Parlt in finding ways to enable a Scottish economic climate which is fostering the development new businesses (to record HIGHS for both VAT registered and unregistered businesses).

    This resilience being achieved DESPITE Johnson and the Westminster tories’ (of varied colours) best efforts to dislocate the Scottish economy with their brexit/little England madness. news.gov.scot carrying the hugely encouraging results of the business survey from National Statistics of Scotland. Link and snippets below:


    Number of Scottish businesses at record high.

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

    The Businesses in Scotland 2019 report shows that, as of March 2019, there were an estimated 356,550 private sector businesses operating in Scotland – the highest number since current records began in 2000.

    The statistics show that between March 2018 and March 2019, the estimated number of businesses increased by 2.8% (9,755 businesses).

    That increase was driven by a 4.3% (7,270) rise in the number of unregistered businesses (those not registered for VAT and/or PAYE), which increased from 170,500 in March 2018 to 177,770 in March 2019.

    The number of registered businesses also increased during that period – up by 2,485 businesses (1.4%) from 176,295 to 178,780 – also the highest since current records began.

    In the same period there were 354,125 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) operating in Scotland, providing an estimated 1.2 million jobs. SMEs accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses, 55.4% of private sector employment, and 41.5% of private sector turnover.


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