Oops, there goes another one guv!

Ludo Thierry

Further good annual and quarterly figures on maintaining Police Service recruitment released today by the Chief Statistician. Link to news.gov.scot and snippets below: Compare these numbers with the 20,000 ‘missing’ police officers south of the border – mislaid since the tories came to office at Westminster. SNP Scottish Government and YES majority Scottish Parliament doing the Day Job thing in a way that Johnson and co. couldn’t even begin to dream of:


Scotland’s Chief Statistician has published statistics on Police Officer Quarterly Strength, which gives the number of full-time equivalent police officers employed by Police Scotland.

The key findings of the statistics are:

• there were 17,256 full-time equivalent (FTE) police officers in Scotland on 30 September 2019

• police officer numbers decreased by 3 FTE officers (-0.02%) in the last quarter from 30 June 2019

• police officer numbers increased by 108 FTE officers (+0.6%) in the last year from 30 September 2018

• an increase of 1,022 FTE police officers (+6.3%) from the 16,234 FTE police officers recorded at 31 March 2007