Scotland has more offshore wind installations than any other country in the world

Hywind, only 1 000 miles off the coast of Peterborough!

From Energy Voice yesterday:

With more offshore wind installations than any other country in the world and a number of pioneering projects, offshore wind represents a huge opportunity for Scotland and the north-east region. Offshore wind – both fixed and increasingly floating – will be a critical part of this country’s energy mix over the coming decades and the UK (sic) is well positioned having more offshore wind installations than any other country in the world. Hywind, off Peterhead, is the world’s first and largest floating wind farm and the Kincardine floating wind project, just south of Stonehaven, will take Hywind’s crown next year when it becomes the world’s largest floating wind farm at 50 megawatts. These are great achievements and with 80% of the ocean’s resource potential in deep water, this exciting new technology could easily generate up to 17,000 jobs and £33.6 billion of value in the UK (sic) by 2050.

Watch out for that great Northeaster, Michael Gove verbally relocating these windfarms to Peterborough and Folkestone. The article doesn’t offer any numbers or a source of proof for the claim but, hey, I feel sure it’s true after these earlier reports in Talking-Up Scotland II’s predecessor:

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