From Hong Kong to Chile popular revolts appear to be gaining traction on a global scale. On the face of it there’s little if anything that connects movements such as the Gilets Jaunes in France or that which has engulfed the streets of Baghdad in recent weeks expect social media.

What might be the long-term impact of social media on global democracy?

After the above opener, Brewer introduces Dr Paulo Gerbaldo, Director of the Centre for Digital Culture at Kings College in London and they talk to that question with Brewer causing my ears to prick up when he mentions that protestors tend not to trust the mainstream media.

Good, I thought. They must talk about the Yes movement in Scotland and, maybe even, how they don’t trust the BBC?

Gordon even says ‘Just to remind people of the extent of this’ before mentioning the Extinction Rebellion protests which took place in Scotland too.

Here’s a list of all the places and movements they do cover:

Hong Kong


Occupy Wall Street

Arab Spring









When Brewer mentioned Catalonia, surely he thought of Scotland? No.

Why did Brewer not think of Scotland? He’s a House Jock. Why would he?

Why did Dr Gerbaldo not think of Scotland when had been invited here to speak? Who knows? Was he told not too?