Scotland’s police officer absence rate due to stress less than HALF that of UK and NOT increasing

According to a FOI request published today:

A screenshot of a cell phone

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Remember that not all of these officers would be absent on the same days.

What! Up by 2 from 2017/18. That’s 0.53%! It’s a crisis! BBC Reporting Scotland headline:

‘Scottish police officers’ absence due to stress slightly up.’

There are 17 259 police officers in Scotland, up by 1 025 or 6.3% under the SNP.

In 2018/19, according to a FOI request by the Telegraph published in June 2019, 10 684 officers across the UK were absent due to stress.

The UK has roughly 12 times the population of Scotland so, all things being equal, the absence rate would be 375 times 12 or 4 500 but it’s more than twice that at 10 684.

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