Grenfell: How the English establishment and the state broadcaster always scapegoat the worker

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Tory heartlessness, scapegoating and denial of responsibility, all on show in the establishment media above.

Above, see how the state broadcaster and the Tory press chose to report and see below how a Scottish agency that actually knows about housing was able to uncover the truth quite easily.

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Firefighters are mentioned but the blame is directed elsewhere

Here’s the truth:

Sir Martin Moore-Blick said: “From the evidence put before me in Phase 1, two very important matters have come to light: first, that in its origin the fire at Grenfell Tower was no more than a typical kitchen fire; second, that the fire was able to spread into the cladding as a result of the proximity of combustible materials to the kitchen windows.

Not surprisingly, these events have been ‘scrutinised’ back-to-front with firefighters blamed ahead of those [Tory donors?] actually responsible for wrapping the tower block in flammable cladding. 

And in Scotland but not known to BBC Scotland viewers?

Are Scottish homes safe from ‘Grenfell’ fires? BBC Scotland looking away again

May 26, 2019johnrobertson8344 Comments

The headline is a question because, I only feel sure that I don’t know for sure what the situation is here and welcome comment from readers, some of whom will know more than I do about this quite technical issue.…

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News of improved fire safety standards for Scottish homes but all quiet in the home of Grenfell Tower

February 4, 2019johnrobertson8342 Comments

From the Scottish Government news website: ‘New rules to reduce deaths in household fires have been announced today, with improved standards introduced for fire and smoke alarms in Scottish homes.  The improved standards will mean every home in the country…

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Vital fire safety checks nearly twice as common in Scotland as in post-Grenfell, Tory-led England

December 21, 2018johnrobertson8341 Comment

From BBC UK News today: ‘Fire safety checks across England have fallen by 42% over the last seven years, according to the new watchdog for fire and rescue services. HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, Fire and Rescue Services says brigades do…

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In the long shadow of Grenfell, Scottish social landlords praised by regulator

September 2, 2018johnrobertson83415 Comments

 Coming after evidence that social or affordable housing is growing in Scotland at twice the rate, per capita, of that in Tory England (SNP Government builds affordable/social housing at almost twice the rate of Tories in England) , we hear evidence…

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BBC Scotland’s shameless attempt to scare with claim that Scottish hospital has cladding ‘similar’ to that of Grenfell revealing ignorance of Scottish building regulations.

February 12, 2018johnrobertson83410 Comments

Leaving aside their tabloid and inaccurate language in describing the fact that the Scottish Government will meet the cost of replacing the 5% only of the cladding which is ‘similar’ with: ‘Taxpayers will foot the £6m bill for replacing cladding…

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Scottish Government confirms that no Scottish tower blocks have been clad in the type used on Grenfell Tower

June 22, 2017johnrobertson8347 Comments

© A speedy response from all of Scotland’s local authorities and other landlords has confirmed than none of their tower blocks have been clad in the inflammable aluminium composite used at Grenfell. The group which ordered the survey and…

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One thought on “Grenfell: How the English establishment and the state broadcaster always scapegoat the worker

  1. And the Guardian was in the van in excoriating the London Fire Brigade to the exclusion of pointing to the neglect of maintenance and the unsuitable cladding. Some in the LFB deserve criticism, but the firefighters at the event showed their customary courage.


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