BBC Wales losing Proxy War! BBC Scotland team in emergency dash to Llanfrechfa

Beginning only yesterday, BBC Wales have shown worrying signs of being unable to attack either the nationalists or Labour by blaming them for NHS problems, even as the latter show signs of softening on independence and after their First Minister shared a platform with the Scottish First Minister. Today, the symptoms worsened and a crack team headed up by Sarah Smith, the BBC’s Foreign Correspondent in Glasgow, has dashed south to try to teach them how to do it. Today’s symptoms suggest a complete breakdown in their immunity against independence for Wales:

In none of the above reports were any politicians blamed. The Welsh Tories do not even seem to have been given the opportunity to call for heads to rrroll! Scottish readers will be particularly shocked by the above and remember fondly how our BBC Scotland team deals with hospital problems:

That’s the way to do it! If they’re really quite good at governing, just blame anything on them.

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