The team from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Background research by Reporting Scotland Up health investigator Brian McGowan:

Reported by NHS Scotland but ignored by our MSM because of a severe lack of blood or tears, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) this week welcomed a team from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper writing about the work of the Royal Hospital for Children’s (RHC) Money Advice Service. A few extracts:

The American newspaper is carrying out a year-long exploration of the effects of concentrated child poverty in Pittsburgh and wanted to learn more about Scotland’s efforts to eradicate child poverty. A reporter, photographer and illustrator all joined members of NHSGGC’s Financial Inclusion team to learn about the work at the RHC. Staff have played a key role in addressing ensuring patients and their families are referred to money advice services where appropriate. They also interviewed service users and heard from one parent about the major impact the team had on her family and how their support allowed her to concentrate fully on her daughter while in hospital.

In the last financial year, there were 472 referrals to the RHC’s Financial Inclusion service. This resulted in total gains of £3,331,499.27 or an average gain of £7,058.26 per referral.

Jane Beresford, Health Improvement lead, NHSGGC, said:

“They were impressed at the extent of the support we can give families in what can be a very stressful time and just how much of a positive impact we can make to their lives while they focus on their family.

“One of the biggest challenges for the health service, as a whole, is to improve the health of people suffering the effects of disadvantage due to poverty.

“Socio-economic inequality has a unique impact on our population and we’re determined to continue tackling it in order to improve the health of people across Greater Glasgow and Clyde.”