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Is that a pastel swastika shape behind them?

The Ofcom report today says this or something akin to it, seven times:

People in Scotland, those aged 65 and over, especially disabled people in this age group, also continue to rate the BBC’s delivery of Public Purpose 4 lower than the overall population.

I don’t know yet the actual figures but BBC Scotland, broadcast, online and radio have been studiously ignoring it. Good Morning Scotland did report on its problem attracting younger audiences, only, this morning with the Professor of Cultural Theory at Glasgow University and Maggie Brown, a ‘Channel 4 historian.’

Neither raised the issue of Scots’ disaffection with BBC Scotland’s ‘public purpose’ but then I don’t suppose that would be on the radar of a Glasgow professor or the English channel’s self-appointed historian.

Brown was keen to reassure Hayley Millar that the BBC was no more struggling to attract young folk than ITV or Channel 4 and that it had the resources and talent to fight back against the dastardly Netflix and other ‘streamers.’ Schlesinger was less optimistic and seemed to want to blame politicians for being distracted by other things. Brown came back with the evidence that her four grown-up children were now watching BBC kid’s programmes with their own bairns, so all would be well. Schlesinger finished with this astonishing revelation of his establishment credentials with:

‘The idea that the BBC is going to remain paramount in reflecting the UK back to itself is extremely desirable but at the same time increasingly questionable.’

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