The number of children in Scotland with no obvious sign of tooth decay has hit a record high

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Here’s something to get the Better Together crowd gnashing their (not so) pearly whites. Yes – further stats showing the dramatic improvement in the state of Scotland’s children’s dental health continues under an SNP Scottish Govt and YES majority Scottish Parlt. (SNP just can’t help themselves – Bairns Not Bombs is part of the Indy political DNA). By the way – the story is being carried by beeb Scotland and beeb Health pages. Link and snippets below: (Note the continuing efforts to reduce the health ‘gap’ around family economic/social circumstances – SNP Scottish Govt showing just how public policy ought to be done – Note also the quite dramatic improvement since the dire days of the Lab/Lib coalition (one is tempted to recall what a load of ‘wallies’ wee Jack and his britnat crew were):

The number of children in Scotland with no obvious sign of tooth decay has hit a record high.

Figures from NHS Scotland show four out of five (80%) P7 children had no obvious decay experience in their permanent teeth in 2019.

This is up from 53% in 2005 when records began.

Data from a national inspection programme shows seven out of 10 (69.5%) P7 children from the most deprived areas have no obvious decay experience.

This is less than children in the least deprived areas where almost nine out of 10 (88.1%) have no decay.

Public Health Minister Joe FitzPatrick said: “This report also shows a narrowing in oral health inequalities, which is encouraging. To ensure we continue to tackle this, we have extended the Childsmile programme so that children living in our most deprived areas are entitled to receive fluoride varnish applications at nursery or school in addition to those at their dental practice.”

The Scottish government’s Childsmile project offers young children free toothbrushes, toothpaste and two fluoride varnish applications per year.

Children attending nursery, and those in primary schools in deprived areas, are offered daily supervised brushing.

There is no longer a formal target for children’s dentistry but the Scottish government said funding is allocated on the basis that health boards work towards having 80% of P7 children with no sign of dental disease.

Nine of the 14 health boards in Scotland achieved this in 2019.

The rest are just below 80%, with the worst rate in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde where 76.4% of P7s have no obvious decay.

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One thought on “The number of children in Scotland with no obvious sign of tooth decay has hit a record high

  1. Apologies to one and all – I believe I managed to miss out the link to the beeb website re. the fantastic success story of Scottish children’s improving dental health – link here:
    PS – Whilst I’m here can I pass on congrats to the HoC for throwing out the Johnson timetabling of the latest brexit bill – also huge congrats to Bloc Quebecois for their superb performance in Canada’s general election. Beeb reports increase from 10 seats to 32 seats – and, importantly, 32 seats in a ‘hung’ Federal Parlt. – so potentially gains to be won on their long and tough road to Sovereignty.

    Not sure what’s happened with the blog platform – but suddenly it’s easier to post comments again (not having to type my details in ‘blind’ – so that is a real help!)


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