Labour mole surfaces to nibble at SNP

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As support for independence climbs and as SNP support holds firm, McKenna’s dark ideas surface in the Herald. The signs of rumbling have been there for a few months now:

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In July 2019, I wrote:

McKenna has been very active in the last few days with today’s George Robertson/Gandalf-like suggestion, in the Observer, that a ‘dark presence has come to possess this [SNP] party.’ In the same piece we read: ‘Some of their [SNP] candyfloss policies can drive you round the twist.’ Leaving aside McKenna’s own dark presence, there’s some connection between his anger at ‘candyfloss policies’ and his despair in the Herald on the 13th, with ‘SNP diktats.’

These will include the ban on smoking indoors which Reuters have today reported as reducing heart attacks by four times more than in England and the reduced alcohol-related hospital admissions after the introduction of minimum pricing in Scotland.

More darkly, Mckenna’s obsession with the SNP goes back. In the Herald in October 2016, he wrote:

‘There is a curiously illiberal and reactionary strain running through its (SNP) core which seems to belie its socialist credentials’

Here were his claims:

  • Named Person Scheme was soundly trashed
  • A Party whose language is a Caledonian version of Orwellian double-speak
  • Army of superannuated advisors
  • Critics howled down and accused of pandering to paedophiles
  • Christian groups jeered and intimidated
  • Encouraged by a bunch of indolent academics

Here are SNP actions he clearly didn’t like:

  • Named Person Scheme
  • Prisoners’ Voting Rights
  • New Women’s Prison
  • Minimum Alcohol Pricing
  • Police Scotland
  • Offensive behaviour at Football Act

I don’t know if the many recent repeated child abuse scandals have moderated his opposition to the Named Person Scheme or if he now wishes we had kept the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, in the wake of last season’s events.

McKenna has considerable previous as an SNP-basher since his supposed and suspicious conversion from a rabid Unionist. Here’s what Bella Caledonia wrote of him before he converted:

‘It’s a piece so loaded with self-loathing, barely recognised inferiorism and desperate, desperate, political emptiness it’s hard to approach, but we really do need to talk about Kevin.’

We Need to Talk About Kevin

5 thoughts on “Labour mole surfaces to nibble at SNP

  1. Said it before , will say it again McKenna is Labour through and through ,he is a pretendy independence supporter, although there is no pretence about his hatred of the SNP, he makes that known by his ramblings. He will play any tune anyone pays him for , he’s got to earn a crust you know ! .

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  2. Kevin McKenna IS a supporter of independence. He is a LABOUR supporter of independence. That he is not an SNP fan despite his support for indy is neither unique nor a problem. It is heartening to see such a broad church now supporting Indy with both Labour McKenna and “Tory” Fry having columns in The National …. or is that another unionist plot to undermine the Indy cause from within?

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