Scottish Tories and Labour rightists can find a comfortable home with the Liberal Democrats

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Ludo Thierry

Despite the feverish early efforts of the meeja (especially in Scotland) to promote La Swinson (?LowJo) as the new Anointed One for the Britnat cause in Scotland there has been precious little sign of any particular movement in the polls to date. 

The main development of which I have become aware has been the defection of a solitary tory cooncillor and a solitary labour cooncillor to LowJo’s ragged regiment. Curiously, both these defections occurred in the South Lanarkshire Council which has a minority SNP administration. The britnat defections may well assist the SNP administration by diluting the opposition. Link and snippets below: Note the very warm welcome that LowJo’s  Scotland branch manager Wee Wullie is offering to disaffected tories. Note also how the tories seem perfectly happy for their erstwhile member to go perch with LowJo’s merry band (all jolly good britnats together, what ho?). The labour group chap’s comments are rather less sanguine – one can almost sense the existential stress that he is observing within his struggling party’s Scotland branch office. (Guys like him really need to wise up – and seriously ask themselves why they are not finding themselves able to act in Scotland’s interests instead of always holding onto Nanny UK’s apron strings).

Hamilton West & Earnock councillor Mark McGeever announced he was quitting the Tories on Mr Johnson’s first full day in office, arguing the party had “abandoned” the political centre ground and was looking for populist answers.

Tory voters and members disillusioned with the Boris Johnson-led Conservative Party “can find a comfortable home with the Liberal Democrats”, the Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said following the defection.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said: “Mark leaves with no hard feelings from us, and we wish him all the best for the future.”

A second South Lanarkshire councillor has defected to the Liberal Democrats.

Former Labour councillor Fiona Drybrugh (East Kilbride South) quit the party following shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s comments about a second independence referendum.

Reflecting on her decision, Cllr Dryburgh said: “My politics have not altered but the Labour Party has now moved to a place where I can no longer support them. I am vehemently opposed to Scottish independence and I firmly believe that Britain is better off in the EU.”

The leader of the Labour group in South Lanarkshire, Joe Fagan, said: “The Liberal Democrats are currently led by one of David Cameron’s Ministers from the coalition years. Jo Swinson helped the Tories impose austerity economics and rip up the welfare state as we know it. That is not the kind of government I want for our country and I don’t really think it’s the kind of government Fiona would want either.”

2 thoughts on “Scottish Tories and Labour rightists can find a comfortable home with the Liberal Democrats

  1. Noticed Swindle siding up to BoJo at the Queen’s speech yesterday, she positioned herself right behind him in the walk-in and manoeuvred herself right beside him for the speech with a great big grin on her face , old habits for her die hard , Tory, Tory, Tory! .

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  2. I see the arrogantly self proclaimed ‘progressive’ media such as the Guardian and the New Statesman are beginning to mount the anti Scottish propaganda campaign.

    In the Guardian Zoe Williams based a piece on a couple of demonstrable lies and concluded that the condition of a referendum for supporting a Labour minority administration will backfire, because Labour will not give in and, in any case, a Labour government will be so radical that support for independence will vanish. If Labour offers a referendum on Brexit which REMAIN wins then the case for independence has gone

    In the New Statesman, Mr Stephen Bush has joined Chris Deerin and others in expressing somewhat supercilious dismissal.

    Channel 4 News did not even deighn to report Nicola Sturgeon’s speech.

    Project Fear 2 is underway.

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