Nell Magoo: Why Edinburgh’s Councillor Lezley Cameron shames the city, the Tories and the No movement

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And her mum and dad……and her podiatrist?

‘Edinburgh Council’s vice finance chief is to step down following criticism she claimed almost £1,500 in taxi fares. Lezley Marion Cameron’s trips represented 23% of the authority’s £6,524 councillors’ taxi bill since May 2017. The claims included trips to the cinema, which the Labour councillor insisted were connected to her work. Cammy Day, deputy council leader and Labour group leader, confirmed Ms Cameron would leave her post.’

AND: Lezley with a Z? Trips to the cinema – The Joker? Cammy Day – isn’t that a song? Oh, Cammy Day!

3 thoughts on “Nell Magoo: Why Edinburgh’s Councillor Lezley Cameron shames the city, the Tories and the No movement”

  1. The ‘Imelda Marcos’ parallel is disgraceful.

    I had an old school friend, sadly recently deceased who worked at Ambassadorial level in diplomatic service (not bad for a Govan boy, eh?) who worked in the Phillipines at the time of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos and after they had been deposed. Of course. our ever trivial media focussed on the many thousands of pairs of shoes, elevating this over the many thousand murders, torturings, imprisonments, disappearances. (Well, Marcos was a bulwark against communists and insurgents, and so, while a pure bastard, was the West’s pure bastard.)

    When Marcos was suffering from kidney failure during his terminal illness, his sister was abducted by the army, taken to a hospital where she had a kidney removed which was transplanted into her brother. This was without her consent.

    The Herald compares the hapless Lord Provost buying 23 pairs of shoes, while remaining within her overall grooming budget to this!!!!!!!!!!

    Ms Bolander behaved crassly, but a good kick in the arse is all she merited and she has agreed to a repayment of some of the money. However, her conduct was less egregious than the then Labour Transport Convenor and his cronies (including press officer) who had a junket to Manchester to see Rangers get gubbed by Zenit St Petersburg in the EUFA Cup Final. Crassness is not the preserve of any political group, although some groups – “Taxi for McLetchie??!! – are more prone to it than others.

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