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See that: ‘Patient’ not ‘Patients?’

Based on a Freedom of Information request, those sneaky wee LibDems have fed BBC Scotland with these shocking facts:

Statistics obtained via a Freedom of Information request by the Scottish Liberal Democrats showed that one patient had to wait 243 weeks for outpatient oral and maxillofacial surgery in the NHS Grampian area. The figures also showed a 131-week wait a patient in NHS Tayside endured for unspecified outpatient work. Another NHS Grampian patient was forced to wait 126 weeks for dental surgery.

Note the not-so-objective professional language from our state broadcaster – had to, endured, was forced to?

So that’s just three had particular problems. 1.75 million Scots see a dentist in a typical year.

Click to access 2016-06-21-Dental-Report.pdf

So, 3 out of 1.75 million or 0.00017% had to endure particularly long waits? But, we wonder, how are the others doing? I have the data for the young:

In Scotland 71% of P1s had no decay at all up 45% on 2002/3

In Scotland average number of teeth with decay is halved

In June 2018, English Labour described deterioration in children’s dental care, in England, as ‘unacceptable.’ In 2016, the BBC and the Telegraph described dental care for children in England as ‘Third World.’

Last October NHS Scotland were able to reveal a more confident smile as our bairns become less affected by tooth decay. Richard Leonard was unavailable for comment.


From the Information Services Division of NHS Scotland:

‘More than 70 percent of P1 children had no obvious decay experience in their primary teeth in the school year 2017/18. This is a substantial improvement since ISD started recording this information in school year 2002/03 (45%). In the school year 2017/18, the average number of teeth affected by obvious decay experience in P1 children was 1.14. This is less than half of the average number of teeth affected in the school year 2002/03 (2.76).’


In England:


Unacceptable deterioration in children’s dental care – Labour


Dental care in England ‘Third World’


‘Third World’ dentistry crisis in England

More than 400 dentists write to the Telegraph arguing the NHS dentistry system is ‘unfit for purpose’ as 46,400 children are admitted to hospital for tooth decay