I wasn’t expecting that. I’ve been wondering WTF they could possibly choose. In the end I went for the suitable sneery Prof Tomkins as the best choice, for the Yes movement. Then I though, creatively that maybe the entitled but disappointed Prince Anas might cross over. Not for a minute did I think of the gold-medallist and third-place candidate in the 2015 general election where he did get 12.5% of the vote in Kilmarnock and Loudoun. Then in the Scottish Parliament election of 2016, his support surged to 19.2% but this still left him in third place:

At the time, Wings pointed out that this made him ‘Holyrood’s most comprehensively rejected MSP. Nobody else was beaten by such a big margin but still ended up in Parliament.’

The title Thickest politician in Scotland was awarded by Wings, to Whittle, after a titanic struggle with all the other Tory MSPs, based his astonishing comments on poverty and rape in a Holyrood Magazine interview.


Whittle famously revealed his shared stupidity with Annie Wells in celebrating a Labour victory and another Tory third-place:

Peter A Bell more recently identified a wider trend illustrated so well by Whittle, writing in 2018:

All of the British parties in Scotland have the same problem. They just don’t have the talent. At every level of government, they simply can’t get capable people. Sane, sober and sensible individuals are shunning the British parties to such an extent that, over the past decade, debating chambers across the country have seen a statistically significant fall in IQ.


I didn’t, in this instance, demand that Bell properly reference his claim of a ‘statistically significant’ fall.