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Ludo Thierry

Meanwhile the Treasurer of the 1922 Committee (a newly minted knight bachelor of the realm no less) gets himself barred from the Tory conference for “..unacceptable..” behaviour. Beeb link and snippets + wicki factoids below: (Fun and games all the way wi’ Johnson and Co.)


A senior MP has been kicked out of the Conservative party conference after an altercation.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown was asked to leave the event after he clashed with staff as he tried to enter a room with a guest without the relevant pass.

The incident led to a lockdown of part of the Manchester Central Convention Centre for about 20 minutes.

A Conservative spokesman said: “The incident was totally unacceptable.”

BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg said the incident happened just before home secretary Priti Patel stood up to make a speech “trying to reclaim the Tories as the party of law and order”.

Sir Geoffrey Robert Clifton-Brown MP is a British Conservative Party politician and comes from a family with a history of parliamentary service. He is the Member of Parliament for The Cotswolds, Vice-President of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists, as well as the Chairman of the International Office and Treasurer of the 1922 Committee.

Clifton-Brown was educated at Eton College.

After Iain Duncan Smith became leader of the Conservative Party, Clifton-Brown became the Shadow Minister for Local and Devolved Government Affairs in 2002.

After the 2005 general election, he retained the seat of Cotswold and returned to Westminster as assistant Chief Conservative Whip.

After the 2010 election and the formation of the subsequent Coalition Government, Clifton-Brown returned to the back benches, also making overseas visits in his role as Chairman of the Conservative Party’s International Office.

In January 2016, the Labour Party unsuccessfully proposed an amendment in Parliament that would have required private landlords to make their homes “fit for human habitation”. According to Parliament’s register of interests, Clifton-Brown was one of 72 Conservative MPs who voted against the amendment who personally derived an income from renting out property.

Clifton-Brown was appointed a Knight Bachelor in the 2018 New Year Honours for political and public service.

Clifton-Brown is related to seven other previous members of Parliament, including Geoffrey Benedict Clifton-Brown, also Douglas Clifton Brown and Harry Hylton-Foster who both became Speaker of the British House of Commons. Howard Clifton Brown was elected as member of Parliament on several occasions.

I’m sure Johnson will be relieved that a bit of attention is being directed away from the ongoing enquiries into his ‘interesting’ use of public (Mayoral) funds. Dear old Sir Geofrey will probably be promoted to ermine in grateful recognition of duties served.