Wolves in people’s clothing: This is a fight WITHIN elites and ‘the people’ are being fooled again

(Image: AFP/GETTY)

Boris Johnson and his braying acolytes have succeeded in persuading a sizable proportion of the ‘ordinary’ people that they are their champions against an evil EU empire and its deluded supporters in the House of Commons.

In fact, they are themselves an uber-elite primarily in pursuit of a deregulated, zero-tax (for them) economy where they can exploit, harm, those same ‘ordinary’ people by removing EU-protected workers’ rights, by fracking their environment, by weakening their health provision, by removing benefits and by feeding them shit.

To do this they must beat that other elite, those post-Blair, neo-liberal, ‘meritocrats’ who inhabit with the Borisians the same world of wealth, elite housing, schools and universities and who differ from them only in that they recognise the sense in moderating poverty a little so as to keep the ‘ordinary’ people quiet.

Both groups have powerful media supporters who ensure that the ‘ordinary’ people are presented with only the choice between these two elite groups and their constructions of reality while demonising the alternatives which might actually lead to improvement in their lives – Corbynism in England, independence within Europe for Scotland and Wales and union for Ireland, also within the EU.

Those same media love to demonise social media but is only here that you will read this truth.

9 thoughts on “Wolves in people’s clothing: This is a fight WITHIN elites and ‘the people’ are being fooled again

      1. 1999 Guardian article by Douglas Fraser….interviewing Wark and Clements (their company turnover £2.5m 1999) . . . Tern TV specialises in Religious programmes from Aberdeen.

        Have the BBC articles they are posting been produced by Tern. Peoples News sounds like a set up to suck in the ill informed. . . . Then feeding them BBC output.

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  1. The English Parliament yesterday combined with the front pages of the right wing press truly scary yesterday.
    Fuelling hatred and being cheered on by the tories. Chilling.

    Only hope is break up of UK.


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