I’ve written before about the more than 200 times that SNP ministers and others have met with possible economic partners to counter Tory Brexit damage. There was no better riposte to the inane ‘get on with the day job’ jibes from the likes of May and Davidson.

In May 2018, I was able to report:

‘More than 200 engagements between Scottish Government ministers and European governments, institutions and organisations have taken place since the start of 2017. The ‘strong desire’ to connect with Scotland and listen to our views signals that the EU continues to see Scotland as an important partner – according to External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop. In just 16 months, Scottish Government ministers have initiated or accepted more than 200 meetings and visits with European partners, which on average means a European engagement has taken place at least three times per week.’


Now in 2019, an Arctic Policy Framework is in place to take things further, literally. The document opens with:

Scotland’s northernmost islands are closer to the Arctic Circle than they are to London. Connections between Scotland and the Arctic, however, go much further than geographical proximity. Our communities share deep cultural and social links as well as similar challenges and outlooks. Arctic countries represent important trading partners for Scotland and we have long worked together through European Union (EU) programmes.

Click to access arctic-connections-scotlands-arctic-policy-framework.pdf

The full document is a fascinating read and well worth a look.