PM’s local A&E department like ‘third world’

Hospital criticised for defending ‘maskless’ PM

In the PM’s Hillingdon hospital, in May 2022, a staggering only 49.8% were seen within 4 hours. The figure for NHS England was only 60.2%.

The figure for the First Minister’s local Glasgow hospitals was 69% and for NHS Scotland, it was 70%.


6 thoughts on “PM’s local A&E department like ‘third world’

    1. Ah but …. the pigeons in London only shit in Trafalgar Square and so the Westminster Government cannot be held responsible for avian creatures exercising a natural function. On the other hand QEUH is in the First minister’s constituency and so she is definitely to blame for encouraging the pigeons to the site (yes S-I-T-E)

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  1. I’m constantly berated by Unionists for making comparisons between Scotland and England. They don’t seem to realise that it’s because they would have us under that very thumb that these comparisons are important. Why would we want to settle for something not as good as we already have? It makes no sense.

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  2. BBC News at 22.25 on BBC 1 has just had Hugh Pym, its health editor, tell a UK audience that both NHS England and NHS Scotland had a similar, c. 70-73% performance against the 4 hour A&E waiting time target.

    This is just so blatantly misleading! The latest report today from NHS England has stated clearly: ‘60.2% OF PATIENTS WERE SEEN WITHIN 4 HOURS IN TYPE 1 A&E DEPARTMENTS compared to 59.0% in April 2022, 76.3% in May 2021 and 79.0% in May 2019.’ The latest figure for the equivalent, i.e. ‘main’ A&E sites in NHS Scotland is 69.6%. So quite a lot better?

    There can be NO WAY that the BBC and its expert, Pym does not know about differences in definition and their significance. The BBC is hiding the true extent of the performance issues regarding the main A&E departments in NHS England. OK that’s up to BBC licence payers in England to complain about – but the BBC pulling NHS Scotland into this misrepresentation, to gaslight Scotland is beyond the pale! I fear we are powerless to stop this dripping poison!

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  3. I haven’t watched BBC Question Time for many months. I’m watching it just now.

    Dear oh dear oh dear! The extent of rabid right wing views of the majority of the audience are hard for me to believe! My only hope for England is that the BBC has carefully selected the audience. Otherwise ….!!!!

    The SNP’s Alison Thewliss is on the panel but might as well not be – but no criticism of her. The whole tone – the whole content- of the debate is so far removed from what is mainstream, non contentious, in Scotland, it must be very, very hard to know where to start to make a useful contribution. And of course the chair has hardly ever asked her for a contribution.

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    1. You have more guts than I have stewart to watch that programme. Regarding your point about the audience, I have recently returned from England, spending time with relatives, and I’m afraid it may not just be a carefully selected audience. During my time there I was subjected to G.B. News, and another even more obnoxious so-called news channel, and my relatives were almost literally cheering them on, especially when they announced the removal of refugees to Rwanda. That, admittedly they all vote for the Tories, and the fact that they all believe that the L.B.J is doing a great job, doesn’t bode well for the notion that England might soon come to it’s senses. No, the only way is Independence.

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