The Scottish scientist Reporting Scotland could never interview

I’ve just watched this interview by RT’s awesome Oksana Boyko of Skye-based researcher and writer Iain McGilchrist – fascinating.

I’ve watched Boyko interview a range of cutting-edge thinkers and nothing could more sharply illustrate the relative poverty of talent in BBC Scotland’s team of drones.

Watch it and imagine the questions the Reporting Scotland lot would come up with for him.

6 thoughts on “The Scottish scientist Reporting Scotland could never interview

  1. Excellent simple work John
    I could go on and on but whats the bloody point
    I suggest you watch on Netflix
    Don’t look up
    With Leonardo deCaprio
    Basically about discovery of a asteroid heading straight for us and ending life upon earth
    However i do believe it is really about our completely inadequate response to climate change and that we truly are condemned to extinction as aptly demonstrated in the film by the actions of Politicians,media,elite wealthy and the stupefied population in general
    As for I.McGilchrist
    Bang on the money
    And what he says can be be backed up by
    Ancient Celtic and Eastern Wisdom
    1.Where is Wisdom to be found ?
    Answer only from within
    2.What is time ?
    Answer it is what makes everything
    3.Why choose your words with the utmost of caution ?
    Because just one tiny word can mean
    Many different things
    To many different people
    In many different occasions
    Upon many differing circumstances
    4.We are NOT masters of all we survey
    Tis what we survey that is the Master
    5.Is greed good ?
    Answer. Never
    Because there is enough for everyones need
    But never ever enough for even one mans greed
    6.What is reality?
    Answer Tis the only thing that can ever possibly exist, everything else is dellusions.fantasy,lies or propaganda
    And finally for all leaders and rulers
    I quote Confucius
    ” The character of the ruler is like the wind and that of the people is like the grass ”
    Which basically means for the ruler to be very mindful of when,where and how he
    As he has a duty to govern well without
    Something so few have managed
    We so lucky in that we have Nicola
    But also unfortunate that we also have

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    1. Not watched it yet, but it’s the talk of the town. I did watch ‘The Age of Stupid’ Spanner films, by Franny Armstrong, back in 2010, excellent film, cried through most of it, about rise in temps and sea level and runaway climate change and nothing being done about it. Humans be stupid.


  2. “Too clever for his own good, lets bring him down a peg or two”!
    Would be the response of Repressing Scotland’s “finest”.

    I doubt Iain Gilchrist would be able to string four words together before the first interruption.
    Then off to the byre, so DRossie can air his view—–
    Then Starwars–Whose Bromance Buddy —
    Cauld-Ham would be given time to whine and splutter over some imagined insignificance.

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  3. Thanks for that John, a most interesting exchange.

    Your “Reporting Scotland” question I thought hilarious.
    However, when Gilchrist explained spirituality versus religion, the latter being “this is the book, you must believe in it absolutely or you’re a heretic”, there was BBC in Scotland in a nutshell.
    I hadn’t considered the left versus right hemisphere argument when I encountered much the same explanation many moons ago, but who knew the BBC were predominantly left, and so many Scots are predominantly right, and as for Sarwar and DRoss… 🤣

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  4. ArtyHetty
    You should watch it
    All the critics are slating it
    But it is the most viewed and praised film currently ( 77% rating as excellent ) showing on Netflix
    I am going to watch it again as no doubt
    I missed a good few of its more subliminal and subtle references


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