Sir Geoffrey Robert Clifton-Brown (Con) says ‘Jocks out-of-step’ on Covid measures

Sir Geoff and some of his local members

Faithfully reported today in the Herald as ‘MP claims Scotland ‘out of step’ as no new England restrictions before 2022′, Sir Geoff, above was a surprise to me. I took for granted it would be one of the Tory six (guilty) or that guy from Edinburgh, the Labour Shadowy Labour Secretary of State for Scotland.

It’s times like this that, I appreciate how much the Herald does for us.


7 thoughts on “Sir Geoffrey Robert Clifton-Brown (Con) says ‘Jocks out-of-step’ on Covid measures

  1. An opinion piece from Wales (27th December): ‘Why England’s announcement of no new restrictions will have a huge impact on Wales – and widen a political rift’

    ‘One long term political impact is that it will no doubt focus minds in Wales, and Welsh Labour in particular, on the fact that WITHOUT FINANCIAL AUTONOMY THERE IS NO REAL POLITICAL AUTONOMY.’ (my emphasis)


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  2. Was he the MP who said when he was being interviewed that Scotland had to introduce restrictions because its vaccination rate was so low? In fact Scotland’s vaccination rate is best in UK and its level of infections as estimated by ONS the lowest in UK.

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