My personal favourite? Really, you think that might happen?

REME? Wait, why didn’t you fix the power lines in Northumbria last month?

I’ve had the booster jab now so if you see me in the street, do feel free to get up close, pat me on the back perhaps or tell me which of my columns is your personal favourite. After all the months of distancing, the social interaction will do me good.

We could also talk, maybe, about something specific that happened at my booster jab, something I wasn’t expecting. On the whole, it all went pretty smoothly – the vaccines were being done by a mixture of local staff and soldiers brought up from England – and I was in and out of the booster centre in ten minutes or so.

Predictably, Union Flag-loving, Saltire-twitcher, Mark Smith got an English soldier ‘up from England to boost him.

That was not a shock but: ‘do feel free to get up close, pat me on the back perhaps or tell me which of my columns is your personal favourite?

Well, I’m going to quickly pass on the first two but that folk might have one of his columns as a personal favourite, stopped me in my tracks. Going by comments under his columns, there aren’t too many fans but, that’s what the Herald wants and needs.

My favourites? Ooooh! Let’s see.

The ones about:

How the world loves the Brits?

How we should accept Alister Jack’s 60% rule?

What his ‘reasonable’ friends can do about the SNP?

How Nicola has a disorder, a flawed personality or is Trumpian?

Why our reaction to Boris reveals our problems not his?

How Scottish Nationalists are just as nasty as other nationalists?

How Mark loves England?

No, I DID not make up any of these favourites for the Orange Order or Scotland in Union. See:


7 thoughts on “My personal favourite? Really, you think that might happen?

  1. English soldier? I, as a youngster was in the Royal Navy, it definitely was the British Royal Navy. Oddly a couple of times we were in exercises with the army. At that time it was the British Army. Like now most Scots regiments are based south of the border. So how does that idiot know the part of the U.K. the couple of hundred soldiers came from. Butlins? He should not be so inordinately stupid.

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  2. andyfromdunning
    Britania rules the waves
    All whilst China is commissioning in Shanghai a brand new 5 slip way state of the art Ship yard , which depending on type of capital fighting ships can build,launch,fit out and sea trial
    The most sophisticated modern Destroyers or Frigates – 8 number
    Amphibious 45,000 tonnes ships or small
    Aircraft/ Drone carriers – 5 number
    By 2028 China will have the largest navy
    Globally with over 400 capital ships


    1. Premeironeuk. I know this about China. My note was not about the RN however when Zi was in it the home fleet had 51 capital ships and 108 minesweepers. There were also ships in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and the Far East. I mention this to show how far Global Britain had come. Currently we have 21 capital ships, full stop and not enough crew or money to put them at sea all at once.

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  3. The Sycophants Lament.

    “Malarky Smith, fine North Brit name.
    Me a Scot? Oh, whit a shame.
    Gaslight the Jocks, that’s my game.
    I admire/desire the T Party finest.
    They’re the best, and ur the shiniest.
    Wi Dug O’DRoss, easy the whiniest

    Cameron and May, they raised the bar.
    But one sticks out, the best by far.
    King Boris, I worship at his feet,
    tears o’ joy he mak’s me greet.
    Sleazy cash he trousers–quite discreet.
    Independence fills me wi’ alarum.
    I fear I’d dae masel some harm.
    Boris’n’me, passing in the street.
    but destined, ne’er again tae meet”.

    Written by Marky Smith, smudged by Yoon tears (not of joy).

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  4. I’m none the wiser from whom “..are you British ?” emanated and why the question need be asked, given Mark Smith’s distinctly pallid complexion and enunciation ?

    The REME cameo was particularly perplexing since there are probably more golden eagles in Scotland than camouflaged vaccinators… The only logical conclusion is Mark was aiming to bag this week’s “Rare Malt Award” from the Scotland Office for his contribution…

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  5. Is confirming an address being asked if you are British? What planet are some people on. They should ask if they are a Martian. Makes more sense. Or a mor…. Fill in the blanks.


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