How to make your home town like ‘Bloody Beirut’

By ArtyHetty

I think ‘trick’ is the operative word here. The NE of England have been tricked alright, usually they get some sweeties and a vanity project to keep the worker bees happy and non worker bees very unhappy and committing crimes, and their councils are all quite happy with the poverty and crime related to long term austerity and neglect by their English government. My dad in his latter years used to say that Gateshead was like ‘Bloody Beirut’ because it was a shambolic, run down neglected town/area/region. He couldn’t understand why people accepted it. Things are still the same, by the sounds of it. Is ScotGov rejecting ‘free ports’? Are they allowed to do?

Scotland has much more positive investment going on. Here are a couple of articles in case people have not seen this yet:

Maybe the ‘mayor’ of Tees Valley has ‘missed a trick’. I wonder how much he takes from the public purse while people in his region of England are no doubt unable to afford the basics. Weren’t people tricked into voting Tory there in 2019?

6 thoughts on “How to make your home town like ‘Bloody Beirut’

  1. ArtyHetty
    Westminster has already completed Levelling Up
    By grant of £56 million to transport in the Northern Powerhouse
    I do believe that despite Brexit and Covid
    Such is now to be redefined as
    The Super Duper Northern Powerhouse
    Not believe me
    Well my source is none other than Pepa Pig

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    1. Aww thanks John.
      Transport? What do people need transport for they already have a half decent infrastructure actually…they need jobs, investment in new industry, business support, better housing, opportunities for the young, decent educational opportunities (not massive tuition fees=debt) they need real investment and £56 million? That’s an insult, honestly just like Scotland, a few £mlns is meant to be a huge amount when it’s peanuts even just in comparison to the corrupt PPE contracts handed out to Tories’ pals last year.
      It doesn’t bear thinking about, the consequences of Tory austerity and destruction of industry and communities in NE England now, they don’t have an SNP to cushion the blows.
      There is no such thing as ‘levelling up’ it’s a myth, a ruse and CON.

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      1. ArtyHetty
        But i have devastating breaking news for you
        That should put to bed all criticism of Westminster,s actions for once and all regards levelling up of The Whole country
        By definition and use of the word country being singular , one must assume what follows is that it pertains to England Only
        So what is this outstanding news
        Given The response of Boris to wine and cheese at Downing St whilst working
        It has been decided that in all fairness that ALL employers are to supply copious amounts of Grand Gru wines and ample truckles of the finest English Cheeses on each day of work
        Not only in the interest of fairness
        But also in greatly increasing productivity and Quality in crucial decision making
        As inebreation is by far the most effective means of achieving such
        As admirably demonstrated by all this
        Governments actions since elected
        All employers who register will be given 100% tax rebates for all costs incurred
        This news was brought to you by the
        Absurdtistan Broadcasting Corporation
        Formerly know as the BBC

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