Why does the BBC give the same story different treatments?

From cuckooshoe

Regardless of whether the army’s help is needed, why does the BBC give the same story different treatments depending on which part of the UK people live in?

Here, BBC Scotland’s website tonight ran with the headline –


“Hundreds of people face second weekend without power”

The article says..

“Hundreds of households across Scotland are beginning a second weekend without power after Storm Arwen.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) said that as of 17:30 about 350 customers, either single properties or small rural groups of homes, were still without power.”

Meanwhile, the BBC, England, Local News, Regions, Tyne and Wear’s website ran with the headline –


“Storm Arwen: Northern Powergrid sorry for power cut communication”

The article says..

“An energy firm has apologised for poor communication with households struck by more than a week of power cuts after Storm Arwen.

As of 22:00 GMT on Friday, Northern Powergrid said it had restored power to 98% of homes affected across the North East, but 5,100 remained cut off.

The firm previously warned some could be without power until Wednesday, 12 days after the storm’s 98mph winds tore down electricity lines.

In Cumbria, 350 homes remain cut off.”

While the Scottish figures are more up to date, it would seem there are still several thousands of homes in England beginning a second weekend without power.

Not that anyone in England would notice with the figures omitted from their headline.

5 thoughts on “Why does the BBC give the same story different treatments?

  1. I doubt many are surprised any more at the different treatment of “news” for Scotland, yet what has increasing become obvious is the BBC in Scotland deliberately blinding the audience to perspective with regard to the rest of the country, be that infections, deaths, T&T, vaccinations, or that DRoss is equally regarded as “an erse wi teeth” south of the border.

    I’d observed earlier on my surprise to discover 230,000 in England had been cut off at the peak due my habit of looking only at the BBC Scotland web-pages.
    Curiosity was piqued by BBC in Scotland updates and their bland copy/paste of a paragraph that thousands were still without power in the North-East of England. To have to visit NE England web-pages to discover that homes still cut off exceeded 14,000 was rather a shock. That information was relevant perspective for Scots yet someone decided it was “undesirable” for the “News where you are”.

    Having just re-read PQ’s latest “Final homes to be reconnected after Storm Arwen”, I find said bland paragraph has now been amended to “Thousands of homes remain cut off in the north-east of England and Cumbria, where energy firm Northern Powergrid has apologised for poor communication with affected households”

    And so I went looking again, 3,900 still without power, but instead of the local story it’s become the same #10 Spin Factory article featuring Kwasi Kwarteng, it’s arse covering time in London, somebody is to blame but it wasn’t us.

    There is no possibility whatsoever that the BBC in Scotland or their propaganda managers in the Scotland Office will apologise for “poor communication”, since this “News management” is most clearly intentional.

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  2. “Sodjers, sodjers everywhere,
    Tae mak ye think, they REALLY care.
    But wait! Whaurs the “Brigadier”?
    Withoot Ruthie, wi’ hur tanks’n’mair,
    they canna win, they’ll get naewhere.
    Thank Gawd, Nikla’s sittin’ in THE chair
    She’ll sort it, wi’ plenty time tae spare!

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    1. Given BBC editors’ favoured pictures for ‘power cut’ news stories online and on TV one might think there are MORE soldiers involved than there are specialist engineers/technicians repairing the power lines, council staff providing welfare support and community volunteers helping out as best they can all put together!!

      Overstating the significance or the politicisation of ‘Military Aid to the Civil Authorities’ (MACA) by Westminster government ministers or their media supporters may end up discrediting it longer term.

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